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    Exploring SD County and Northern Baja off road
  1. I will see you at there at the Starbucks Dave!
  2. I just returned to SD late Sunday Dhillr,

    You know I'm into that ride so I hope to see your next invite before it has happened. Hope you enjoyed it, I'm guessing it was on your KTM. I just ordered the Sena 20 so you can enjoy my Mariachi music library as we skirt the border.


    1. Dhillr


      Hi Monte.  Wet weather has kept me off the bike for several days but I'm looking forward to getting out this weekend.  I'm kicking around heading out to Ocotillo this weekend but I'll likely be on the KTM.  

      Let me know what you think about the Sena 20.  Really happy with my Sena SMH-10. 



  3. Hey Dave, I'll see you a few minutes before 0630 at the BevMo. Blk/Red '15 700GS Br, Monte
  4. Informal GPS course?

    I Liked the idea of meeting at 8 ball tire shop and the hookers sounded good too. Any progress on the date?
  5. '04 1150 GS air filter

    Hey Zubb, Where in Baja are you going this weekend?
  6. I'm looking for three or four big bikes (To me big bike means a GS or similar, something that struggles in deep sand, is difficult to stand back up if on it's side and is comfortable at 80mph or more on the hwy; and three or four means fewer than five). Recently hatched a plan designed around my upcoming 'christmas break' from school. Ride would begin December 10 in La Ventana and we would cross the border coming home at Tecate no later than the 18th. Compared with three or four days down and returning this seemed like the best way to see the most, and one of the things I like about adventure travel is the sight seeing. Friends of mine live in a secure house (walled in property) in La Ventana Baja near La Paz and another riding partner of mine has agreed to haul the bikes down delivering them to La Ventana on a trailer pulled behind his truck. I have hired him to make this same trip in the past towing boats and I trust him completely. Price for the delivery service TBD and shared equally. We will send bikes and gear down with him, he arrives no later than Dec. 9th. We fly Tijuana to La Paz, approximately $100US one way on Volaris, where my friends will pick us up at the airport and take us to their home and our bikes where we spend the first night and get ready. Off early the next morning. The ride will be a mix of off road and hwy, camping and hotels. Many sections of this trip I have done previously while camping on my F650GS, but the route is open for discussion. It's short notice I know but this can all be arranged pretty quickly. If you would like to discuss but type like me feel free to call 619-319-0136. Feliz Navidad
  7. Informal GPS course?

    I'm with Reximus, I would attend if only I could find the place.
  8. Big bike dirt from SD to Big Bear

    Roger that,
  9. Big bike dirt from SD to Big Bear

    I would like to view the Mesa Grande to Big Bear GPX file and use it on my iphone. What app would you recommend?
  10. Would like some route info on your ride, where do you pick up the "fun border patrol ATV track that's kind of like a toboggan ride"?
  11. Thanks for posting Zubb, Some great shots!
  12. I'm coming from Bonita and wondering if Wierdrider and Shonn would like to meet in Spring Valley and ride to Ramona together?
  13. I'm in! Riding my F700GS. See you all at Packard's. Thanks for the video Weirdrider. If had ever purchased a go pro I could have made one very similar- same commentary for sure. Monte,
  14. N00b from San Diego

    Hi Mike, Pleasure getting to meet you last night. I look forward to our first ride together,