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  1. Norwegian staying in SD/Carmel Valley until late June

    Robert - Thanks for the video! Haven't seen it until now.. Should you happen to be close to the Trondheim area, you are welcome to visit. I live 5-10 minutes from the airport. We have several hundreds among your fellow countrymen staying in our local community of about 23 000 people, in Stjørdal. They contribute both at different local arrangements like the world rallycross championship ( https://hellrx.com/program/ ), and to the local economy, besides having their military training. https://www.usmclife.com/2017/01/lejeune-marines-deploy-norway-irking-russia-first-time-since-wwii/ Jim Thanks for the nice photo from a great day in SD! I sent you an email with some pictures. If you haven't seen it (?) , check your spamfolder. Maybe it got trapped there..
  2. Hi I got the great opportunity to stay in Southern California for one year, with my familiy, and took it. Really great to be here! The longing for a motorcycle made me buy a 1984 Honda XL250R last week. I hope to be able to make some nice trips around SD until I have to go home in late June this year. Normally I make my daily rides around Trondheim, Norway. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Trondheim,+Norway/@63.4186677,9.318152,8z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x466d319747037e53:0xbf7c8288f3cf3d4 ( I have been riding mopeds and motorcycles for about 30 years, and have several at home, including a Honda CB 1100 F ('83) and a Kawasaki Ninja 250R.) Hope to meet some among you along the road.. Have a great day, Sn0rr£
  3. Norwegian staying in SD/Carmel Valley until late June

    I got a message from Wierdrider a couple of days ago, and just logged in to this account, for the first time in many months. I have very good memories from SDAR meetings, as well as trips together with danrider, Wierdrider and Randy. Hope you are all doing fine. Would be great to see any of you in Norway, or other places in Europe. Best wishes from norwegian2015_2016, Stjørdal, Norway. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stjørdal
  4. Successful sendoff

    Jim, you are right! Noticed one at Hell Station, a few days ago. Notice the can to the left in the picture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell_Station https://www.google.no/maps/place/Hell,+7517+Hell/@63.4484835,10.8854243,3304m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x466d16fb3ae6fd6d:0x1596b57897c52a6b!8m2!3d63.4451715!4d10.9052167 I'm thinking about San Diego and SDAR people about every day.. Hope to meet some of you guys again soon, in the not too distant future, on my side of the atlantic, or your.. Have a great weekend!
  5. Norwegian send off !

    Thanks for the very nice Idyllwild / Escondido trip! A 10 minute video from when we left Idyllwild, is here: And Jim, regarding eating with the finger: You are welcome to Norway, to teach me how. ;-) Thanks again, to you, who took me to two trips during this last week, and provided bikes and great company. Hope to see you again in the not too distant future,and welcome to cross the atlantic..
  6. Happy Father's Day to all

    Congratulations, Jim! Nice shirt!
  7. Norwegian send off !

    Thank you very much! We had a great day, and Wierdrider has made a nice write-up yesterday, and today. Best wishes for you and SDAR for the future.
  8. Norwegian send off !

    We had some really nice trips! Thanks a lot!
  9. Successful sendoff

    Thanks for the nice write-up from a special and very great day, Jim! It was great to see more of the areas around here, and off course there is nothing like that of doing that on a motorcycle. It was also great to have Randy's company up to the top of Otay mountain among other places. A very memorable day, and very kind of you to lend out your bike(s) (after the XL250R sold much more quickly than what I expected). Hope to see you or some other SDAR people in Norway some day, and get the possibility to lend out a bike and take somebody around.. It has been really great to stay in SD for a year, and meet some of you SDAR members.Thanks again!
  10. Norwegian send off !

    Yes! That was a great trip. Sunderland Dam and Black Mountain. And then a nice chat at Turkey Inn, Ramona, struggling to maintain fluid balance. ;-)
  11. Norwegian send off !

    Thanks for the great initiative! I have really enjoyed being in San Diego, and would off course appreciate such a trip! Thanks for the picture above, also. That was a fine evening in Escondido, with some great food and people. And, as Dan mentioned, we had a couple of great trips around SD. One included Palomar Mountain. The other ride included Black Mountain. Plus much more. Really great!! Maybe see some of you in Norway some time, also..
  12. 1984 XL250R for sale; 1000 USD

  13. 1984 XL250R for sale; 1000 USD

    Sold, to a guy that usually fly V-22 Osprey helicopters.
  14. 1984 XL250R for sale; 1000 USD

    I paid 1400 "out-the-door" in mid-January. A new headlight (low beam does presently not work), some oil and a can of chain lube can follow. The bike has provided much fun, took me to nice places, and made it possible to meet others with an interest in motorcycles. Some of the best moments I had in San Diego happened because of that bike. Will miss it.
  15. 1984 XL250R for sale; 1000 USD

    Yes, it's my impression that few bikes that are actually running and usable as they are, are sold for less.
  16. 1984 XL250R for sale; 1000 USD

    Hi. In about 2 weeks from now.
  17. Seems like there are many cars and motorcycles gathering in Ramona on certain Thursdays. http://ramonajournal.com/cruising-ramonas-main-drag-is-popular-on-thursday-nights-p7104-279.htm I plan to go there this evening. Want to be there not much later than 7 PM, which means I will probably leave Carmel Valley around 5.45 PM, go through Rancho Santa Fe and Escondido.. My phone number can be found in the members forum in case somebody would like to get in touch..
  18. This seems like fun. I hope to be able to join in, coming to the gas station in Alpine at 9:00.
  19. I enjoyed it. It was a lot of classic cars driving up and down the main street in Ramona. Many spectators were sitting in their chairs, along the street, watching. There was also at least one place with some good, live music. I believe that it's similar every Thursday evening, for several months. Thanks for the Escondido recommendation. Youtube:
  20. Hi I have been riding mopeds and motorcycles for about 35 years, but I'm a novice when it comes to dirt bikes and going on two wheels in California, in general (as I have just been in the US for about 6 months). I bought a 1984 Honda XL250R some weeks ago, and have only ridden it on regular roads. The furthest away from Carmel Valley I have taken the bike this far, is Ramona. Just went and had a coffee, looked at people, animals and cars, and then went home again.. ;-) If somebody would like to go for a common ride tomorrow morning, between approximately 8:30 and 10:30 send me a personal message or reply here.. I start from Carmel Valley, but we could off course meet somewhere else. I don't have any particular idea about where to go, but guess that the small 250 is not too happy with staying on the Interstate or similar roads for very long.. -norwegian2015_2016
  21. Monday 15th of February, from northern SD?

    It was great to meet you, and see the nice XL350, and to listen to the engine! Sounded like a very healthy and well tuned engine to me. :-)
  22. Monday 15th of February, from northern SD?

    You must definately be a very brave man! ;-) A 2 week bike trip sounds great, but... I wish you the best of luck in dealing with your wife, and with your strategies to cope with it for days and months to come! :-)
  23. Monday 15th of February, from northern SD?

    I enjoyed it, so it went relatively well. Some pain in my neck by the end of the day. Thanks, anyway. I had a good laugh when I saw the photo on your page; "And then i told her ..." ;-) Sent it to my wife..
  24. Sounds fine. Any idea about how long it would normally last?
  25. Monday 15th of February, from northern SD?

    I have been in CA since 30th of July, and unfortunately I have to return to Norway in late June. I tried to be "reasonable" and not collect more stuff that I have to get rid of soon, than necessary. That included not buying a motorcycle. Then, I could not resist buying a bike any longer, and bought the 250 in January.. Had to try not to spend too much money, even though I know that buying cheap sometimes turns out to be expensive .. My wife was absolutely furious with anger for a couple of days, but I believe that it was absolutely worth it. ;-) I don't know where this addiction comes from, but it probably started during childhood. It's so great to drive a motorcycle that I hope I can continue close to as long (or short - nobody knows) as I will live. There are few things I enjoy more. I have already started thinking about going back to California for motorcycle trips after my return to Norway. It's off course like exploring a new world here, for me, and I really enjoy the nature - and meet many interesting and nice persons over here. The 250 has proven to be a little bit smaller than I expected, both in terms of engine power and size, especially for trips like the one on Saturday, or longer ones. And, it's nothing for the freeway, since I feel that 55 - 60 mph is "enough" for that motor. Anyway, I'm longing to get out on the road for new trips.