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  1. Changed o a 9 am meet up at my house...doesn't look like any takers on this one so it will just be myself and my buddy Tom (not on this site.) Happy Labor day everyone.
  2. Riding from my house, can meet at Albertsons at 11:00. Im a noob so wont be going too fast, just getting my feet wet, exploring and having fun. The goal is to get to Wildomar that is not set in stone.
  3. Hi everyone, I just picked up a DR250se to have some weekend fun. I've had a great time riding streetbikes (Honda Magna, Suzuki Bandit 1200) for a few years commuting daily and sport riding but with a baby on the way I decided to get out of street riding while I'm still ahead. This is my first foray into dirt riding although I've ridden downhill mountain bikes for years and would say I'm faster than most and slower than some at that. So far I've ridden Tenaja trail from De Luz and up Harrison Grade. Looking for some other local riders to accelerate the learning process. I'm down to ride the street to get to some good riding but with the family situation my time is limited :/ Looking forward to meeting some of you guys and gals and having some fun exploring.