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  1. Cool. I'll see if I can scam out of soccer practice Tuesday and will start another thread for a Wednesday ride. Cheers! Dave
  2. Funny you post this now. I rode up last Wednesday after work and was thinking about the same thing. I'd love to do this but Tuesdays are out for me due to kids soccer practice. If you have any flexibility, and can do Wednesdays, I'd be in for sure!! Burrito & beer from Lolita's in East Lake would be tasty at the top.
  3. XLADV has a rally there 04-06 May. I don't know the area very well and plan to explore with the groups there. I assume the trail is fairly sandy?? GSAW hates sand so I'm interested to hear your thoughts if you head out this weekend. Cheers! Dave
  4. Couldn't do Friday but would be in for a Sunday or Monday ride if you get out.
  5. Nope. No protesters. Got a late start so I was racing the sun but it was a great ride.
  6. Otay mountain & out to Tecate. Boarded fence area trails to Campo. Leaving Eastlake 0800 l’ll be on the KTM 500 but route is big bike friendly.
  7. Whew! That's a haul for an early meet from East Lake. I'm gonna pass until it cools down a bit. Ride safe!
  8. I'm game but not familiar with the meet location. Can you send me a map link?? Cheers! Dave
  9. Alright! Shaping up to be a good group! See you at the parking lot. I'm planning to roll up around 0830. We'll give everyone some grace period. I'll be checking this thread Sunday morning too. Cheers! Dave
  10. I normally spend 3 to 4 hours on this loop. Depends on stops & lunch.... maybe a bit longer. Temps supposed to only be 85 tomorrow, so heat will tolerable.
  11. You could do everything except lunch without a plate. So you'd be fine for 95% of it. Lunch and gas normally takes 30 - 40 mins. I'm fine with no lunch but I'd still need fuel. 15 mins or so for that.
  12. Who: All skill levels. I'll be on the KTM 500. What: 95% off-road. Leaving Bear Valley Trail Head. Up and over to Kernan Cycle Trail and down into Corral Canyon. Loop option at Corral Canyon, depending on who shows up. Going to grab lunch at El Paso Taco Shop & top off fuel before heading back up Kernan Cycle Trail to end at our starting point. Moderate pace. When: Sunday (23 JULY) . Kick stands up at 0900. Where: Bear Valley Trail Head parking lot. Post up if interested. Hope to see you there. Cheers! Dave
  13. I'm in. Will be on the GSA. Is there somewhere near Spring Valley I can meet you?? I'm just over is Eastlake. Dave