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  1. If you are interested in a Friday ride also let me know, starting at Otay works for me, I'm new to DS = slow pace
  2. ...thanks for sharing your trip log!!!, great pictures. I can see you had a lot of fun on this ride. So...about how many attended the rally?. How does the near future looks like to keep roads open to public and off-road activity?.
  3. Hi Mr. JaJa, welcome. I can't join you on this ride but keep me posted for future ones. Have fun at your home duties an on the ride!.
  4. May 1st

    ...yes I did a mistake, it's Pine Creek rd, not Pine Valley Creek, towards S1, but since you mentioned Deer Park Rd... if I decided to follow Deer Park road will I find closed gates?. I looked at google maps and looks like a very nice trail!!!.
  5. I have a free day on May 1st and I'm planning to ride the Jamul-Julian-Anza area. Leaving at 10:00 AM form EastLake until... I'm new to DS and a conservative rider. Most of the ride will be on paved roads but I will ride through Pine Valley Creek and explore some other trails in the Anza area. If you are patience and also have a free day on Tuesday let go!!!. If you can't join I'll appreciate if you can suggest any fire road for novice.
  6. centerstand

    ...thanks to each of you for the advice...prop stands, roots, stones, helmet, go for it, don't buy it, lay the bike on the side... I will do more research on the Prop stand, thanks for the links TrophyHunter. I sign up for the SD back country adventure next month so I'm sure that I will see some riders in action fixing a tire and drinking their beer stands!!!.
  7. centerstand

    I think the answer is obvious, but since I’m a noob I prefer to ask you guys: My bike comes with sidestand only. If I’m in the need to fix a flat rear tire while doing a solo ride away from any help, is there any trick to do it without the centerstand?. I ride a BMW F650GS.
  8. Camping Cot

    I use a Therm-A-Rest Prolite matress and I'm always very comfortable at sleep.
  9. ...thanks for the link, great pictures from you and tvscum rides. I'm new to DS and I want to learn more about this area, so if you have GPS tracks that would like to share will be great.
  10. I want to ride that road!!!, nice views for sure. So, usually gates are open up to Sunrise highway?.
  11. beginner trails this week?

    ...are you available for a ride this Friday afternoon or do you have GPS tracks to share?.
  12. New to dualsport

    Thanks to all for your comments and recommendations, be sure that I will keep an eye on the forums and hope to ride you you soon.
  13. beginner trails this week?

    ....dirt roads around Jamul...easy ride... I'm in!!!, but I'm available this Friday after 11:30, I already have family plans for the weekend. :-(