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  1. stomp944

    Desert Dash Volunteers Need Your Shirt Sizes

    I'll take what I can get. but happy to represent and for a choice. Blue. Long sleeves. Large. done.
  2. cool. ping me if dates materialize.
  3. And your normal Friday night Offering, right? :drinks:/> Hi, Tracy - guess I can't show my face without a keg or two now, eh? Any suggestion in particular?
  4. stomp944

    Gearing - Ride What You Brought

    14/50. works well street and dirt.
  5. stomp944

    leaving the bike in LAX?

    I've left a bike parked at LAX before; away 4-5 days. No problems, and easy to get in/out. Spaces in the corners available. As others have said, helmet lock for sure and a cover help.
  6. hey. volunteer to sweep again. Sat and/or Sun.
  7. stomp944

    Happy Birtday DSFOX

    day late and a Happy Birthday short. glad it was (if not for all) a great weekend for you!
  8. stomp944

    Back in the Street Bike world

    once you started looking I knew it was just a matter of time, Chris - and not a lot of it. definitely meets the mission statement. and the later model styling a welcome change. congrats. get farkleing! and congrats to you, too, Dave on the, ahem, same bike! you two will look so adorable together. what's next? matching helmets and gear?
  9. assuming I'm on the v-list, Large please. will be at mtg Tues.
  10. available for sweep Sat and/or Sun. thx. Sean
  11. First impressions sound good. Glad you got out already for a quick shake-down run. It'll be farkled to the hilt for DS before long I'm sure!
  12. Thanks for the announcement, Randy - had just been thinking about DD2013. Will there be a separate volunteer posting? I'm available to sweep one or both days. Sean
  13. Yes, the three B's didn't disappoint - nor did the one C-diddy. Great weekend with perfect conditions on Sun following a late night pouring of rain. Nice mix of terrain and sights, challenge and distance. Good group. And I even managed to make it back in time for the craft beer tasting this year!