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Man, you are all coming up with some great comments, and they're all so true.

Thanks for getting involved and putting some thought into it.

Kevin and I have been discussing some other types of strategies, we'll keep you posted about those as soon as we have more info.....it will be in a "private forum".

These new strategies are completely different than what are currently being practiced. The current practice's are not working as we have continued to lose access to public land for years. Stay tuned for details on how to get "OUR PUBLIC LAND" back!

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We'll do a roll call on Friday...

It's Friday. When and where?

So, who is going ?


BackHoeDoc ?

Sandiegoland ?

Anyone else ?

If it's us 3, I can drive, unless one of you wants to drive in a more economic car, I have an F150 with room for the 3 of us.

PM me....Craig, I'll call you.


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Four of us went (backhodoc, KTMrad and I carpooled, Ride-Orange and family met us up there).

It was interesting to see how the meeting was run. It is not typical for this commission to meet in Southern California, so it was a good opportunity to attend. No one interest group dominated attendance, and those in attendance had ample opportunity for public comment on the agenda items and just for general public remarks. Because of this, our small group was more substantial than I thought I it would be.

It was a chance to hear how the things affecting policy are defined (like Riparian Zones, etc) and to see what 'beefs' the other side has and how they articulate them.

As far as how our comments to the BLM went, they didn't take action on any per say, but they were a good counter balance to some of the environmental concerns raised. For example there's been evidence of some illegal OHV riding, so having some folks there who play by the rules lets them know its a legitimate recreation activity enjoyed by adults too. It's hard to paint the entire OHV community as a bunch of wild haired teenagers when some old fart like me (who needs reading glasses to read a statement) gets up there.

For follow-up we have some folks to keep in touch with, some BLM route plans to review, and we’ll want to introduce ourselves to our local representatives as constituents who enjoy riding in our backcountry.

So don't make me a liar, go enjoy riding in our backcountry! :blink:

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The meeting on saturday touched on the political side of being an off-roader. Even though im not a registered green-sticker off-roader any more, the connection between that and dual-sporting cannot be ignored, as one affects the other. Sandiego land covered the meeting clearly in his post-KTM RAD -Randy and San diego land spoke clearly for SDAR and all off highway vehicles enthusiasts.

For me it clearly sent a message as to how important not only that CORVA-Invironmental concerns-BLM and Motor heads in general need to work togeather to address the problems that face us now in the off roading industry.

The numbers say it all, of the 34 million residents of CA. 14-15% are off highway vehicle recreation enthusiasts in one form or another. When you see the number of people representing off roaders at this meeting it makes me wonder how long any of us will be able to enjoy what we love to do so much. Thanks for letting Me share a few of my thoughts from the meeting THE DOC.

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