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Answer About Donations for Site

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I've never asked for donations and don't feel it necessary, but 1 or 2 people expressed they would like to make a donation to the site.

I have no problem with that, again........I'm not asking for donations, but a donation would not be refused :)

Please PM me to ask about how to do it, IF that's what you want to do.


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The site is not a non-profit organization but have you ever considered starting one? Yes more accounting and trouble but you could pay yourself and administrators salary and pay for a company car and still support or fund off-road causes. Maybe even sell ads or pop-ups. I could help you with this but I would like a Jeep Rubicon Limited as a company car once this takes off! :)

Seriously - money for me is tight but I could donate items that could be auctioned off or sold in a special forum. I would be willing to donate something if the proceeds went to help Randy and Uncle Cameron maintain and promote the site. :)

I know the club bought Tires to give away at the dash. These servers must cost money, and the people that run the site should have some sort of expense account to draw from. :)

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Copied this from another thread.................

As I said in the original post about donations, I have never asked for donations, and don't feel it is necessary. The ONLY reason I posted the thread about donations was because a couple of people expressed sincerely that they wanted to donate. If others decide to donate.....great, if not......that's fine also.

I don't expect people to donate. The costs of running this site are just part of being a site owner, and even though it's sometimes a bit of work, it's a passion and a hobby to Cameron and I...........and fortunately Uncle Cameron really takes care of us by hosting the site (webspace) for FREE, and a very small associated fee (compared to if we were a normal customer). BTW, Cameron has a new front page and some changes in the works for the site.

Yes, I would like SDAR to promote 2 or 3 organized dualsport events a year.....I have a plan for another local ride thru the Cleveland Nat'l Forest, Mount Laguna and Corral Canyon. But it's a lot of work, and even with volunteer help, it takes months to prepare, especially for a new ride.

Possibly a ride up in the Southern Sierra in conjunction with my friend Damon Powell from the ex- Team Dual Dogs. I will be talking with him about it, he lives up near Tehachapi and has easy access to the area.

Just so you all know, the biggest thing I'd like to see is more people getting involved in supporting the fight to keep public lands open...whether it's just sending donations to BRC, SDORC, CORVA, Stewards of the Seqouia, etc., and/or making the occassional phone call, e-mail or letter to help in the battle. Also, people staying informed about the issues so they can pick and choose what they want to do. I'd love to see more people attend local meetings with SDORC, etc. I will be trying to make quarterly meetings at the Cleveland National Forest headquarters in Rancho Bernardo. Jan McGarvie from SDORC usually goes by herself, and she smiled when I said I want to attend those meetings. It's a great way to keep an open dialogue and have good relations with the Local Forestry Service. If anyone else (1 or 2 people) is available on a weekday when those meetings come up, please PM me and I'll give you the details.

I'd rather see more people involved and sending donations to those groups, then sending donations to SDAR. One of my PRIMARY GOALS of starting SDAR was to influence people to get involved and help keep them informed. SDAR supports the AMA, BRC, SDORC, CORVA and Stewards of the Seqouia yearly, using proceeds from the Desert Dash....and even if we didn't have that ride, I would be sending in the money myself to support them.

Whew.......thanks for listening, hope that wasn't too much :lol:

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