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60k km Solo Tour of India, Nepal, Thailand, New Zealand & Australia

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San Diego Adventure Riders,

Hello.  I posted the following URL recently in my introduction thread.  However, I thought it would be more appropriate to share my gallery within this Four Days & Longer Trip sub-forum. 

Since I do not have a trip report, I will let the videos and images tell the story.  Most videos are only 10-12 seconds long and provide a much better impression of the moment than the images (such as the video of the holy men of Nepal).  SD Adv. Riders forum members may enjoy the sub-galleries titled Motorcycle Misc. Wheels which includes anything with wheels and many motorcycle/landscape images.  If you enjoy motorcycling, photography and exploring different cultures, I would highly recommend a comparable trip. 

Australia: 6 months on a Yamaha Tenere XT660Z (Large fuel tank, fuel efficient; Bought & sold locally)

India & Nepal: 3 months on a Royal Enfield Himalayan (Best domestic motorcycle for India's rough roads.  RE's service shops are excellent. Rented my RE for $9/day out of New Dehli)

Thailand: 1 month rental on a Honda CB500.  The best rental bike available for Thailand, IMHO.  Northern Thailand has some of the best riding I have ever experienced.  The CB500 was great, even at 6'3"-6'4".

New Zealand: 2 months on a Honda Africa Twin XRV750.  Bought and sold in NZ.

Music festival & Elvis fans may enjoy the Australian video galleries.  Scroll down to near the bottom of the sub-folder for the Parkes Elvis Festival.

When I flew into New Dehli, India during mid-July, I did not know a soul.  All I had was a cheap hotel in a 14th century village near the airport that still did not have city water infrastructure/utilities...after 700 years! It felt great to eventually replace my Tuk-Tuk transportation with my own wheels!  I slept above braying donkeys which were housed on the first floor\barn of homes and in creepy old 1970's heart-shaped beds of old hotels (I slept on the covers in my riding gear).  My favorite memory was sharing a home with a mountain family and joining them for breakfast.  The carbureted RE Himalayan carried me across passes almost as high as 18,000 feet.  I did okay at higher elevations also.

Please browse the sub-galleries titled Locals, Tourists & Critters.  Although I rode through some incredible scenic areas, the enjoyable encounters with the locals are my fondest memories of all.  Finally, a Samsung Galaxy S8+ was used for most images and almost all videos.  A Canon 5D Mark II was used for many of the landscape images.  See ya down the road...



GPS Tracks for India & Nepal:


A good day...and memory. 

000_Royal Enfield Himalayan 500.jpg




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Awesome 👍

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Truly around the world adventure -- Thanks for sharing .

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Posted (edited)

To say this is a trip of a lifetime is truly and understatement :)  


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