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8 days in Baja, advice?

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Hey there! I'm planning a 8 day offroad trip in 2 weeks (Mar 6 - 13) and looking for some advice. It's been about 4 years since I've ridden south of the border and my tracks are pretty old now. I wanted to confirm a few things, and I know this community is most knowledgeable about northern Baja.

The setup:

Me: DRZ400
My buddy: LKR250
This will be my 4th ride in Baja, but last time was in 2016. Anything to be aware of since then?

Possible Itinerary:

Day 1: Tecate to San Felipe (I've got some old tracks that run dirt right from Tecate.. Hopefully still passable, advice welcome)
Question: Is there still gas at Sawmill?
Day 2: San Felipe to Gonzaga Bay (Alfonsinas)
Day 3: Gonzaga to Bahia de Los Angeles (Never been there)
Question: I found an OLD track from Gonzaga to Bahia de Los Angeles (pic below) is this track still ridable?

Day 4: Bahia Los Angeles to Cantavina. Any suggestions for this route?

Day 5: Catavina to El Rosario
Day 6: El Rosario to El Coyote Meling Ranch (I've been to Mikes before and stopped by here for a snack.. seems like a really nice place)
Day 7: El Coyote Meling Ranch  to Tecate

+ spare 1 day for breakdowns or chill/slow down

Thoughts on this plan? Any recent gps tracks that you guys would care to share?

I have also considered towing the bikes a little further into Baja and exploring more of the middle of the peninsula. I have never ridden much past gonzaga on the Cortez side. I fly to Loreto often and have wondered if there are dirt trails all the way there.

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