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Another ham radio class in October

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Wanna be a Ham?
We are forwarding this information courtesy of SDORC member Doug McPheeters. If you have any questions please use contact information in the below announcement.
One Day Amateur Radio Technician License Class:
Saturday, 02-Oct-2021 Pacific Beach Area
==> Please Register Well In Advance (two or more weeks before class).
==> Some classes fill early, and Registration may close weeks before class.
The Amateur Radio Service (Ham Radio) has practical applications from providing emergency communications and supporting civic events to education and recreation.
This is an entry-level (Technician) class for beginners, immediately followed by the license examination. Those who pass the end-of-the-day exam will receive a radio license and call sign from the FCC which entitles them to transmit on VHF and UHF Amateur Radio frequencies (range of about 50 miles).
Previous knowledge about radio or electricity is not required to take the class or pass the exam. However, we strongly recommend a little study in advance of class. History has shown that a few hours of study and practice tests before attending dramatically improved most people's ability to pass the exam.
Times: From 8:30 AM (sharp) to about 7:00 PM for both the class and exam. (Plan to arrive about 08:15 AM.)
This includes short hourly breaks and a 45-60 minute lunch break.
Location: Pacific Beach area (address and details provided later to those registered (see below))
Costs: The class is FREE of charge (no fee).
The examination may require a small fee ($5-10) - details will be forthcoming (The examiners are finalizing post-COVID processes.)
Eligibility: Anyone properly following emailed registration instructions and COVID mitigation is eligible.
Age limit: None (contact us for teen and pre-teen hints and tips)
COVID Mitigation:
1. Face coverings will be required indoors (given current trends).
2. If you or anyone in your household are feeling ill or experiencing flu-like symptoms the week before class, please reschedule to a future class.
Registration: Advance Registration is Required. 
We can not accept "walk-ins”.
Please Register Well In Advance!
Seating is limited and classes often fill two to three weeks before the class date. 
Step 0: Check your calendar (and the family calendar!) - to make sure you are available 8am-7pm. 
Step 1: Request registration instructions by emailing sandiegohamclasses@me.com with a subject including at least “02-Oct-2021 Pacific Beach" (we usually have more than one class open for registration). You will receive a reply with registration instructions and study materials to review before class. (At times, there's a large email backlog and it can take 3-5 days to send your instructions. Please be patient. Fair to mail again after 5 days.)
Step 2: Reply in accordance with the instructions, which cover the details. A prompt and complete reply is to your advantage - seats are reserved in the order complete replies are received. Those who do not follow instructions and complete registration properly via email are ineligible to attend the class.
Additional notes;
A. If you are a member of a group that plans to have multiple people attend, please mention that group in your email.
B. We must have a working email address for each registrant and be in direct mail contact with them. (We cannot accept “proxy” registrations, where you sign up someone else.) If you want to get a family member or friend started on the registration path, Cc: their email address when you email to request registration instructions and say they're for the family/friend(s) on the cc list. Your family member or friend will be sent the instructions, and will need to reply per instructions.
C. Watch for additional email/reminders before class! There are only a couple....
+ Those registered will receive an email "reminder" about 10-14 days before class with details on location, times, what to bring, etc.
+ Those on the waiting list will receive an update about 7-10 days before class about whether space will be available.

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