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Thanks to KenNy for making time in his work schedule to gather some trail riders.


it was nice to see erryone getting fhier bikes ready and talking shop....


Sky was perfect not to windy.. lots of traction for everyone . Left: Rikker had out his Husky.

Right:  Paul on the right was able to show us various strategic on trail bike recovery techniques , just in case should we ever need to pick-up our bike while traversing up a gradual incline ..(my camera missed it).....


Kenny was happy to lead the way.  He had clean breathable air and finally got a chance to ride his beta even though he had a busy work schedule. 


Here's the set up onthe other  Paul's bike. . This Paul always picks a safe line through the  technical. he waited for me at turns so I didn't t get lost.20210221_100638.thumb.jpg.5ed22e58d8ec9be3d2c7ecc6a34ec24a.jpg

Right after this photo I washed out my front end following everyone. Had to pick my bike up in some sand on a tight ledge of a turn in single-track.

After the group said goodbye I went to grab a tavos in Campo...20210221_161704.thumb.jpg.6cef24e78d581764d51b1736f7dc041b.jpg

'N sum grog......



Rode up onto threu snow some snow, posta.   luckily I had on my sjpery big back tire ... my front tire is off an cr80cc 2 stroke.  It looks like a chopper but is easier to wheelie... 

BListered Fred's and  ripped a good one on ya, and pressed it down.  Also Had a blast with all the jumps towards Cibbets CG.

Thanks everyone for making a good crew..

Till next time......


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Blistered Freds.  Can you elaborate.  From the bottom up and how far toward Thing before you got gated out?  I'm thinking of hitting it tomorrow if there's enough trail open to make it worthwhile.

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