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May be a dumb question

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....but I see some posts have a "like" added by someone appreciating their post.   I've even noticed one of my posts have them....I feel special now!      Now...I'm usually not big on this type of thing in general.   But this is a targeted common interest site and I also saw somewhere on here that server space/traffic is donated and quoting someone to say you liked their post was not the most "cost" efficient option.

Finally getting to my question.   What I don't see is how to leave someone a "like"....how do I do that?     I did a search of the site for into and came up empty.




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22 minutes ago, ADV Bum said:

Do you see the heart on the bottom right hand side of the post?  Use it to like the post.

I don't....  and I've tried two different browsers.


EDIT:  Now I tried Chrome and I do see it.    Why would this  not work on Firefox?


Thanks for the  help.


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