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COVID-19 UPDATES, Please Take It Seriously...SD County Health Orders

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I'm sharing this because it's from a friend, Kieth Huff, President of D37 AMA Dualsport, he's not sure if he has the virus, but they do a second test tomorrow to confirm (first test was negative, but they put him back in quarantine)...I hope he doesn't have it, he is about my age (50's).
The point here is, even if he doesn't have it, but right now he's still requiring a stay in the hospital,  it's not a good time to be in the hospital.. So if you're thinking about going out for a motorcycle ride ( or whatever) just because you want to, watch this video...you don't want to have to go to the hospital if you can avoid it, which means staying home......save the services for those who are probably going to need it soon.


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Stay healthy and safe out there !

From SD County health officials.....

"The passing of the young man in his 20s, who had no known preexisting health conditions, is evidence that COVID-19 affects all age groups and even the healthy, noted Dr. Wooten".

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1 hour ago, Wierdrider said:

Have you heard about Keith Huff’s second test?

They are sending him home to Self quarantine, even though they said he has pneumonia. 

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