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PuertaMX Tecate trail loop paseo 2NOV2019 in work

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PuertaMX crew is in the early planning stages of a non-race Taste of Tecate Trail loop day. Details to follow, for trail riders it will be a great tough short course loop to get a feel for the Tecate Enduro type stuff without getting your butt kicked for 6+ hours. PuertaMX is still in work on this, they may include food with sign up, may have timing for those that want it, they will have a controlled staggered start control to spread out the riders, loop should be no more than 20 miles most likely closer to ten (from my experience), most likely go around as many times as you like, stop chill then go do more.  For example this will be a Corral Canyon SDAR Ranger Trail level trail type loop for comparison. Details to follow.

Location will be most likely start the loop at Rancho Villareal just a few minutes east of Tecate on the right side (they will post signs) as you climb the hill on the libre road (don't take the cuota Mexicali hwy)  Also see PuertaMX on FB for more info as they finalize it. (and or at GioPuertaMX on FB)

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They tapped me on this , then simply decided not to do it. So its a non issue cancel the entire thought.


even cancel the entire post!!!

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