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Canyons of the Ancients and Valley of the Gods June 2019

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From 500AD until 1300AD  People who migrated across the Aleutian Island chain over 10s of thousands of years, were living in the the Four Corners area of what would become the United States.  As part of our continuing Travels of the American West Series, my family visited The Hovenweep National Monument.  These Ancient Pueblo people survived on Squash, corn and beans. They built their granaries and homes at the top of rough canyons where they found fresh water seeping out of layers of stone. The astrologers among them recognized the seasons by charting shadows of rocks at sunrise on their spiral calendars. Flying Bugs probably seasonally tormented them.

About 1300 the rains stopped and those that could migrated southward. Later native Americans found their deserted homes. 









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Ancient Ruins have always intrigued me.  I like how they built their dwelling's on very inaccessible places. They must of had to deal with predators or worried about other people. Looks like they had to use ladders to access their homes. Did they discuss any of that in the tour or display's?

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Sorry, missed this question earlier.

Talked to ranger on this subject. Most people think “ defensive” position but; the rubble in canyon suggests there were many other buildings below that worked the way up to the surviving structure. Standing next to buildings you feel the presents of the builders. You feel what it was like to live and work at the site. No Social Security.

To my surprise, there are Hundreds of living sites distributed over dozens of canyons. Much more in the area beyond Mesa Verde National Park.

Below is the link to the Visitor Center


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