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Yamaha Super Tenere 700

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Just looking at the dressed/undressed pics I'm surprised that nobody mentioned the Modelo holder on the lower front frame as a conversion perk.🍺

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On 2/25/2021 at 7:28 AM, Zubb said:

Yeh, I like Big Bikes, I cannot Lie, but I am inclusive, and woke in the moto world and embrace all brands and styles.  I'm just picky about the one I want sitting in my garage.  Wait.  Correction.  I'm picky about the one I want sitting under my arse.

I haven't ridden the T7 yet but would love to.  A respected friend of mine bought one last year and says it's "the one" in the middleweight category.  So you should absolutely ride one.  I've had a few of these join on group rides and come through class in Borrego.  Sadly, they fall over just like the 790's, KLR's, 1290's and Boxers. But I've been unlucky as I haven't yet gotten to the bike in time to help pick it up!  Someone always beat me there to lend a hand.  I'll probably get to ride one for a day or two in Colorado this summer.  I hope so and will report back if I do.


Well surprise surprise I was fortunate to spend the last week with a group including two T7’s and a couple days of sand in Borrego and 5 days in Baja dirt. 
1- yes they fall over just like every bike I’ve owned. 
2- they ‘pick up’ easier than the F700,800,850. Very Africa Twin ‘ish when one is grunting it back up onto two wheels. 
3- that 21” front sure softens up the pot holes and washboards, but you already knew that. 
4- the power band is a true delight and very manageable in all conditions. Yamaha  nailed that. 
5- suspension is fine depending on your personal taste and style. Personally I’d have George work it over if it was mine. 

Our bikes were all loaded about half or less with ADV gear. No camping gear. 

I borrowed the bike below for about 100 miles of, mud, potholes, sand, mud, pavement, mud, and some mud. I think it’s a GREAT bike. And as always, I was happy to get back on my big green monster. 

Ride report following after my dust settles at home for a couple days. 

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