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CPR First Aid/ Responder class Sun Feb 10-2019

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Huge thanks to Huntndogs, his wife and the instructor Phil. Huntndogs and his wife for doing so much in hosting this event and making it so nice.

Phil did a great job as the instructor and I learned a lot. 

Thank you to the volunteers who showed up. Knowing most of our crew is certified and up to date with basic cpr/ first aid is a good feeling. 

Phil told me that our group was a great group and really paid attention. 

Even my son who bitched and moaned because I "Made Him" go was happy he went and thanked me for taking him. We even made his Basketball tryouts after.

We will try to do this as an annual event.

Thanks again to everyone!

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Big Mike, you said it very well👍

 It was a great class, it was good to meet a couple of you, and good to see the rest of you. 

Little Mike ( Huntdogs ), you captured the day really well, good job. C35883EE-BF04-4742-8AD2-BB97206C7B7D.thumb.jpeg.a12d056643179d483d32de1d1f5f773a.jpeg04FFFC09-0B8B-461F-BD56-AC1FE462290D.thumb.jpeg.577b73d59c00f299f2f5452247460db3.jpeg6F9BEF83-5C51-4292-94F6-0E97A1A2E072.thumb.jpeg.39f79d5f53e3e738e9c51484ffe507e9.jpegDDF29E3F-72C3-4472-A964-B9FE74FB9E2D.thumb.jpeg.5e4ff6303bb98558cc28bd2ec375337a.jpeg5D45BE66-E71F-4A20-B410-8BE72854A3FF.thumb.jpeg.cb6827a9fd20095b6f1a1c304a209da6.jpeg165AE2F1-FAA5-4D44-AC3C-5D6A9332AAC0.thumb.jpeg.21ec441717b69fc4d1165f74d80fbc10.jpeg4E86618D-F56C-450A-AA96-86DB8E34D677.thumb.jpeg.72f7d605c2ac158863bf977587f9d189.jpeg1D03E553-CCDD-495C-BBE8-1499F4F1E37E.thumb.jpeg.be50c4c827da774c8575f491504fb184.jpegD89F3BE8-AA3C-403F-8F3E-6EDF8F8E75AD.thumb.jpeg.411c0e0aaaa07955259f55e88a848197.jpeg

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Excellent pics Jim... I think for many that was the first time holding an infant 😁

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