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Help me wake this little dude up a bit!

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Purchased this yesterday as an extra bike for my son in law and family to ride when they visit, so far I have shaved the seat, cut the hell out of that funky fender, took 6 lbs off with footpegs and reflectors and tail pieces, I do remember riding with someone who had one of these in fish creek last year and he had done some mods. thanks





tires wr250r 2018 012.JPG


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Never had a 250 but putting the GTYR ECU and the MX map into my 15 WR 450 woke it right up. 

$100 mod that works. 

Unplug the muffler or put on an proper muffler next. 

Mine came with a screw that limits you to less than half throttle  Cut the screw or put in a shorter one. 

Ive ridden with WR250’s that work good. 

Lots of info on Thimper Talk about uncorking the WR. 

Amazing suspension on my 450. Very stable reliable (350 hours mostly untouched with lots of desert race hours)bike. 

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