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Attaching/Saving (Garmin) files to/from Forum Posts

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I figure the GPS geeks in the crowd oughta get in the habit of placing tracks in the "GPS Stuff" forum with a link back to our ride reports (when applicable)......hopefully others will pipe in/post up in this same forum so we can build a nice "Track Library" to scan through before heading out on an adventure on open/public access trails.....or add to when we return so someone else can ride'em/enjoy'em :blink:

Sooooooooo, if you decide you'd like to attach a Garmin file to a posting, or open/save a Garmin file from a posting, here's the procedure:

To attach a file to a forum posting:

From Garmin MapSource, go to "File/Save As"......a dialogue box will appear.......in the "File Name" box go ahead and give your file a title - but change the extension at the end of the title name from ".gdb" to ".txt".........you can ignore the lower "Save as Type" box (which will leave the file as a ".gdb" type in actuality.....you're simply tricking the forum software into thinking it's a ".txt" file with the name change so you can attach it to our forum).

To open a file from a forum posting:

When you go to open a ".txt" file the procedure is exactly the opposite.......you must first "right" click the ".txt" file to open it/save it......you'll see a dialoge box that says "Save Target As".......change the ".txt" at the end of the file name to ".gdb" in the upper "File Name" box and in the lower "Save as Type" box you'll see an option to change the description from "Text Document" to "All Files"....do this and you're done.....now you've converted the useless ".txt" file to a Garmin ".gdb" file that Mapsource will recognize/open.....

Many thanks to DigDug for coming up with this "out of the box" work around plan/procedure so we can share files with one another.

FYI - Caution - When you go to download a file to your hand held GPS from your P.C. I would advise you to NEVER download Maps as part of the file transfer because if you do that the maps in that particular file will overwrite whatever map files you already have loaded in your handheld......so make sure you always "uncheck" the map box (if highlighted) and ONLY download tracks and waypoints.

Routes are also "map specific". So if you download a route created with one software like City Navigator into a unit loaded with a different mapping software like Roads and Recreation or Topo - the handheld unit will not be able to read the route created on the computer......so I wouldn't bother to down load routes into your handheld unless you're sure the route was created in the same mapping software that is resident in your handheld......we hardly ever use routes "off road" anyway......we're generally either following tracks or creating tracks (provided you have the track log in your handheld set to "on" to capture your active track :D )....

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15 hours ago, Bp619 said:

I just click on link on bottom says click to choose file and import it.

la mesa to idyllwild.gpx

Geez, now I'm embarrassed.......guess I could've opened my eyes/looked aroundĀ first.......glad we have this capability.....

Attached a little loop out of Ramona for those that don't already have it.....save it for later in the Spring when the trails dry out.....

Ramona Loop GPX.gpx

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