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  1. Metal Twister

    New Extreme Off Road Bike Tralier... Help Needed

    This one is a bit bigger than one would want behind a typical Jeep. Im running a 74 FSJ Jeep with 38" tires and some serious suspension soon to be a TBI Big Block so the weight and size really doesn't really effect me too much. I will be scaling these down for the average size Jeep.
  2. Metal Twister

    New Extreme Off Road Bike Tralier... Help Needed

    Thanks guys and thanks to the Mods here who got me back on the forum. I had a glitch in the system when I tried to change my email address a week ago. Ive decided to go with most of the options here and as it gets closer to completion I can do the boot and helmet rack. The beer tap may still happen but the silver bullets are so handy and spill proof when crawling over the big rocks. Open cups I think not. Thanks again for the ideas. A quick pic of the airbag clearance comparison...
  3. Metal Twister

    Buying a Jeep & a RV

    Actually Ive been anxiously awaiting this Jeep Diesel They are keeping tight lipped but mid year this is suppose to be available in the Wrangler models http://www.jeep.com/en/2014/grand-cherokee/capability/ Jeeps are great vehicles and I have 3 im my family. But dont over look the Toyota 4x4. Maybe a Toyota 4x4 P/U and throw the bike in the back? I have a forum of local guys that get out and 4x now and then. Its been slow as of late only because everyone is busy wrenching and wheeling. It is called SCUFF www.SoCalUltimate4x4.com If ya have any questions there are a lot of very sharp cats that are more than willing to help you out. Check it out.
  4. Metal Twister

    New Extreme Off Road Bike Tralier... Help Needed

    Thanks again guys for the input. It looks like the E track anchor points are the most important thing just ahead of the beer. Personally I could lay the bike down if it came to one or the other! All good ideas and I think I need to put a plan together to accompany all or these things eventually. This trailer is a bit bigger and a bit heavier than the ones that I will be building to sale. I'm thinking this size mainly for recovery, camping, and bug out purposes. Please take a minute and post up anything else that may come to mind... Also wanted to let BSon2or4 know how sorry I am that you lost your shop in the Cedar fire. I have a lot of friends who lost everything in that fire. We still are helping folks rebuild when they can. My place is a old steel building and nothing special at all, but it is my shop and Id hate to loose it so my heart truly goes out to you. Hang tough and you will have another I'm sure.
  5. Metal Twister

    New Extreme Off Road Bike Tralier... Help Needed

    Very cool! Lots of good ideas here and all are doable. thanks and any more? :thumbsup_anim:/>
  6. I had to give up the LC4 a few years back due to a back injury. I must admit I really miss riding a lot more than I even thought possible. I have replaced the LC4 with a full sizes Jeep 4x4 to get my off road fix, and while its not an adventure bike it is a good way to escape the busy pace of the shop. In the last couple of years Ive been contacted to help retrieve a few of you in some hard to reach parts of our So. Cal desert. With the equipment I had it was doable but never easily! Ever since the last episode I have been thinking about getting a off road trailer that was big enough and sturdy enough to accomplish this task. I couldn't find one anywhere in the states. So I started designing what I thought would make the perfect extraction / camping trailer. I have had some help on designing a brand new never used long trailing arm airbag suspension that is very simple yet works extremely well. This is where you come in... I plan on having this trailer completely self contained with Hot running water, on board air, C.B. and stereo radios. Other than that what else should I put in this thing to make it more usable without going to a big screen? Need Ideas and input as Id like to explore the possibility of building these to sell. Any input and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Metal Twister

    Bengels Hot Rod and Off Road

    Sure, no problem... Give me a call tomorrow after 9:00 am at 619-461-3502 and we can schedule a time.
  8. Metal Twister

    Bengels Hot Rod and Off Road

    Thats Awesome Tom... Something about them Baja Bugs that puts a smile on my face. Now that I think about it your son was smiling as well! Have fun and thanks again for the above mention.
  9. Metal Twister

    Bengels Hot Rod and Off Road

    Hey I know this guy too! Thanks for heads up about this thread Ken and the kind words from the others here. The LC4 is long gone but I still love bikes and being around them, and yep I'm still fabricating and enjoy the heck out of it. Everything I do is custom so if you have issues with any metal project I'm always looking for something different to tackle. I've been developing a new suspension for Extreme Off Road trailers and am in the middle of building the proto type right now. The difference between my trailers and all the other adventure trailers is that mine has just enough room for a Dual Sport Bike, sleeps 4,is fully self contained, and can truly go anywhere your 4x4 can go. I'll post up some pics when its complete. Thanks again Ken for the heads up and look forward to seeing ya on the trails again soon!
  10. Metal Twister

    Encountering a Desert Tortoise...What to do ?

    Been riding and wheeling in the So Cal Deserts some 40 years now and I have never seen a desert Tortoise, so we have to make our own to eat.... Um, Um,Um I think they are found mostly in the upper deserts of So Cal?
  11. Metal Twister

    Stainless Steel exhaust welding Q...

    Yeah welding it isn't a problem... Im trying to find out what grade Stainless, if it is stainless? Ive heard rumors its not S/Steel. Have you ever welded one of these pipes?
  12. Have a friend who needs to weld up a 2008 Yamaha YZ450Fstock exhaust. By chance does anyone know what grade S/Steel they use on there exhausts? Has anyone welded one up with sucess? Thanks for the help in advance.
  13. Metal Twister

    Gas tank cleaning

    Ive cleaned and sealed allot of gas tanks in the past. The local radiator shops can boil them out for ya for about $50.00. They make a fuel tank sealer that you slosh around the inside of the tank and it seals the rust pits up real well. you can get it at Old Cars and Parts on Prospect in Santee. But just for cleaning, CLR works pretty good. Check out this link on a hot rod forum. http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/showthr...hlight=clr+rust Good Luck.
  14. Metal Twister

    Any Jeepers in our group?

    I dont want to derail this thread... but if all else fails throw up a want ad on the SCUFF. All local So Cal Guys and gals that Im sure will have what your looking for. http://www.socalultimate4x4.com/index.php#5 Just a thought M.T.