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  1. Probably be there around 9-10am
  2. roostingu

    Willing rider ?

    I wasn’t able to ride last weekend.... sorry just saw this. actually I have been doing some riding but always alone which is fine but sometimes would like to ride more technically challenging stuff but because of a bad experience in Parker Arizona I am not willing to do that again (being the Lone Ranger) could have used Tonto that day.
  3. I have not been on here for a couple years and I am not seeing any rides coming up ( informal) I would call myself an intermediate rider but have done very little riding anyone who has time and wants to ride I am not sure what has changed as far as the trails I was surprised at the changes at McCain anyway. Jeff
  4. riding up to idlywild for lunchLa Casita Restaurant (road ride) Jeff 419-957-7434 or email roostingu@hotmail.com
  5. would like to see some flowers maybe saturday, did this ride a couple weeks ago didn't see any, stop at Pablito's Mexican Bar & Grill start from Tamarisk Grove Campground   Address: 5960 Yaqui Pass Rd,
  6. sounds like a good ride, I think i can do this one. finally got it down to 1 job with weekends off
  7. I have some video's of this ride and maybe if I get the time I will do some editing and join them for a single video with the best footage but for now they are raw on youtube. I interested I will post a link ? Jeff
  8. like to do this ride, always liked this ride, see how I feel in a while, Mimi cracked the whip and wore me out ?
  9. roostingu

    2008 KTM 530 EXC

    Thanks for the reply PDB its my bad for posting in the wrong place, I am not on here very much as I spend 7 months back in Ohio. I just love this bike and with the rekluse set up the way you like it there isn't much you can't do with it granted it is a heavy bike, when its rolling you don't notice the weight. Compared to strret legal bikes just a few years ago its quite agile. This same model and year bike without a rekluse and with approx 4500 miles are listed for from $6900-$7500. I considered the mileage although I think this will run into the future with no problems, I assumed most guys would shy away. That is why I listed it for $1500-$2000 less than others found on Craigslist, E-Bay and KTM Talk I did not look on Thumper Talk not realistic to think someone would ship very far ? I am not trying to get more than its worth just trying to pay some bills been out of work for several months now.I think the $1500 + would be a good buffer, and give someone who wants a solid fun bike the incentive to go ahead and buy.I think you could easily get another 6-7K easily if properly maintained. I have many extra's from rekluse such as tungsten balls and 6 differnt combinations of springs. along with different thickness of plates. If you have one of these you might know what I am refereeing to. TMI I know ha ha
  10. roostingu

    2008 KTM 530 EXC

    PdbBlue before you make statements like this come on over, let me show you the compression and the maintenance history for this bike. Why would you attempt to trash a bike you don't have any interest in. I didn't try to cover up the mileage, my bad for not giving full history of this bike, RJ from AA Ktm is aware of the condition of this motorcycle and commented that it was one of two that he knew of being in such good condition with the time on the meter, it doesn't just happen it is the result of attention to detail.
  11. roostingu

    2008 KTM 530 EXC

    This bike has considerable time on it ,but the valves have never gone out of spec the stock shims are still there still right on, the compression is still on the high side of spec. I changed the oil every 10 hrs, and filter. Always used the best synthetic oil Amsoil 20W50 Cleaned air filter every ride. This bike has never been close to the rev limiter. I am a trail rider and I kept it meticulously, including taking it apart to clean with soap and water and paint brush every ride. I changed fork oil and bushings and seals last year, swingarm bearings and seals last fall and didn't really need to be done. So please don't compare to the average motorcycle with some time on it.
  12. roostingu

    2008 KTM 530 EXC

  13. I will be present at the dash and available to sweep as I told Randy at the last meeting ? Just say'n ?