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  1. Angela

    Pending New Member Pauly Pickles

    @PaulyPickles nice bike! I just got mine in July and love it.
  2. Angela

    Lots of new members recently

    Howdy! I ride a Royal Enfield Himalayan (411 cc). I’ve been riding since July of this year, and just went to my first adventure riding rally at the beginning of this month, took a beginners dirt riding course there (which I found to be super helpful at giving me more confidence in the dirt), and then road up the Nate Harrison grade a few days ago for my first true dirt riding experience. So far it has been great! Still slow and nervous on dirt, but getting better.
  3. Angela

    Total noob!

    Yes, I love Saibeth, she is indeed awesome!
  4. Angela

    Total noob!

    Hi all, I'm Angela, wife of @Hawkins, and am just starting out with motorcycle riding. I took a dirt bike course during a week of middle school summer camp a million years ago, and rode a moped around Chiang Mai, Thailand with @Hawkins in 2013. Just bought a Royal Enfield Himalayan (2022) and have had a few lessons to get me started so far. I only have my motorcycle permit, but have my drive test scheduled for August 11, so looking forward to being able to ride longer/later after that. I have a gaggle of young kids around me most of the time, but they all go off to school/preschool in a couple weeks, so I'm looking forward to getting more seat time in soon!

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