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    Hey SD ADV tribe! Thanks for letting me be here. Looking forward to riding with you, learning some new skills and great destinations, and hopefully having some epic adventures.
  2. ADV Bum

    3 of My Friends Got the 790 Adventure R

    I am sure that will end up being a pocket listing!
  3. We are going to have a SDAR meeting on Wed July 17 from 6 pm - 8pm at Boll Weevil 9330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, Ste ESan Diego, CA 92123
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    That would be scary. Being a nice moderator. She posted her introduction in her profile/ messages and I could not just move it, so I re-posted it in the new member intro's.
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    SDAR Club meeting - WED 7-17-19

    Yes. Corrected Thank you
  6. Ancient Ruins have always intrigued me. I like how they built their dwelling's on very inaccessible places. They must of had to deal with predators or worried about other people. Looks like they had to use ladders to access their homes. Did they discuss any of that in the tour or display's?
  7. "Almost 24 hrs ago and no reply!" Relax Mimi! I did see it and Randy was going to contact you.
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    Good, Inexpensive Landscaper ?

    Randy, Send me your location and I will see if I can add you to my route. Never enough irons in the fire!
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    SDAR Club meeting

  10. Support S. 1527, the RTP Funding Transparency Act! Legislation has been introduced in the U.S. Senate that would require the U.S. Department of Transportation to conduct an updated study on the total amount of nonhighway recreational fuel taxes collected on an annual basis. The data from this study, a study to be conducted every five years thereafter, can then be used to determine how much funding should go towards the Recreational Trails Program (RTP). The current annual funding for RTP is about $84 million. We believe that the amount of nonhighway recreational fuel taxes collected on an annual basis could be upwards to four times that amount. Hence, the need for a new study. Even with the new information, Congress will still need to make the final decision on how much money should go towards RTP. But having this up to date information will help them as they make this decision and hopefully, increase the RTP budget. Please write your Senators and ask them to co-sponsor S. 1527. Also ask them to write to the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works to express their support for this legislation. Senators Klobuchar, Risch, Shaheen, Burr and Van Hollen are the current sponsors of this legislation. If one of them happens to be your Senator, please write and express your appreciation for their leadership on the RTP legislation.
  11. ADV Bum

    KTM Adventure windscreens

    I thought about fashioning an adjustable windscreen on my 990.
  12. How about a fire road/ big bike friendly trip up to the Big Bear area?
  13. You appreciate all the work, met great people, gone on rides and happy with that as long as it is free. There are rides posted all the time. Plenty of rides for the lesser experienced. Now if you want more "supported" rides that takes lots of work, permits, volunteers, insurance and money. I know plenty of outfits that you can go to Baja with but it will cost you $600 to $2000 a trip. If $30 is a no go for what you appreciate and have gotten out of SDAR, I dont see you joining those rides'
  14. We are going to have a trail maintenance day at Corral Canyon on Sat 6-22. Trying to get some shops to go in and maybe get somethings to raffle off. Please chime in if interested. Thank you
  15. My wife had one weekend off this month with no kids tournaments and it was that weekend. I can only do what I can do. If we had to schedule everything we need to do around every other activity that exists nothing would get done!
  16. I wanted to add that I have been talking/ greasing some wheels at the shops to see if we can get them to donate some stuff to be raffled off at the trail maintenance day. I feel the maintenance days keep trails open, will help open new riding areas, and thus keeps us buying bikes and gear from the shops. To pump the event at the shops and not have very many volunteers show could discourage them. I have faith that we will build this up and be more successful next time.
  17. Maintenance day is being canceled/postponed. When we do these things we'd like more people to show up and commit to make it worth it. I was asked by members to put on another maintenance day so I tried, but only a handful committed. I don't think two maintenance days a year is asking too much. We will be shooting for the Next one after the summer heat wave. Hopefully we can get at least 10 people to commit in the future. Thanks to those who offered to come out, but we'll just have to do it next time.
  18. Those fender bags are notorious for coming off. Drilling a small hole in the fender and using some wire to keep them on works well.
  19. Nice! Looked like a fun trip. Great photo's. Very envious.
  20. I wanted to bump this. We are trying to team up with the Rangers to open some more trails so the more who show the better. I will be out Fri evening camping out. I will be cooking burgers/ dogs on Sat afternoon. If possible please come out and help. Thank you
  21. Yes sorry about that. I thought Randy posted the latest. They will be having their meeting tonight at Mikes BBq in Escondido.
  22. I am curious if anyone else is going to make this meeting tonight. I am trying to make it.
  23. Thank you Dave. You have been a great member of this site and I appreciate you as well. I am glad you understand when we have to moderate things on occasion.