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  1. Work will be a bit hectic for me on Friday so I will be in later Friday night. Planning on staying in Julian Friday and Saturday nights.
  2. imswiney56

    CPR First Aid/ Responder class Sun Feb 10-2019

    We're enrolled. We'll see y'all in the morning!
  3. Hello all, Just a thought on my lunch break at work. I was wondering if anyone was thinking about contacting the local Forest Service Stations to see if any areas/truck trails needed some service due to recent rains. I understand that riding ruts are fun and all, but I know back home in MO if the trails are too rutted up and nobody services them, the rangers shut down the trails for a while. I've got a packable shovel and a cut down hoe that could be used to help even out some ruts on trails to possibly get more spots remaining open. Might even help leave a better impression on some newer FS folks that may not be keen on the OHV community.
  4. imswiney56

    CPR First Aid/ Responder class Sun Feb 10-2019

    I'm down for 2 if possible. My wife is interested incase I go down riding while we ride together.
  5. I'd like to volunteer. I've got my truck (Diesel crew cab 4x4) to help however I can. I might have a buddy that's new to the community that could be interested as well.
  6. imswiney56

    Need shop recommendations

    I've had really good luck with Clairemont Cycle Supply and C&D Cycle. Both smaller shops with honest people. Might be worth giving them a call.
  7. I'm going to try and make it. I leave for Missouri on Wednesday so this weekend will be spent packing and loading the truck. I'm also gonna try and get a few folks from some of the other Light ADV/Dual Sport Facebook pages on here as well so they can check it out.
  8. Hey everyone. I've been trying to get out and explore more truck trails and rides around Cleveland National Forest. I am open to truck trails or OHV, just haven't been to any OHV out here yet so not quite sure what to expect. A few weeks ago I rode Black Mountain Truck Trail, and last weekend I rode Otay Mountain. I've been wanting to ride Palomar Divide or Oriflamme and Chariot Canyons. I'm wanting to go out on a day ride with more relaxed to intermediate riding with the occasional tougher spot. Below are a couple of links I've been using to try and plan my weekend. If anyone has any input or ideas for a ride, feel free to provide input. I'm looking to take off earlier in the morning (8 or 9) to try and beat some of the crazies to the roads. I'd like to get good group together, especially with some newer riders to go out and get some miles on bikes, build some experience, and network a bit meeting some more folks. If we ride up towards Julian or Santa Ysabel, I'd like to stop or lunch or pie while were out. It would be a good opportunity to help shed a better light on the Dual Sport/ADV community as a larger group not being obnoxious. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/palomar-divide-road https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/california/oriflamme-and-chariot-canyons https://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/cleveland/alerts-notices/?cid=stelprdb5340229
  9. I should have a set of loppers by then, but I've got no problem doing grunt work!
  10. imswiney56

    October 7 Weekend Ride

    I checked their website and it said both Palomar Truck Trail and High Point Truck Trail are open pending fire or rain. I'll probably call on Friday or Saturday to see if they are planning to close it or not.
  11. imswiney56

    October 7 Weekend Ride

    *Update* As of now my plan is to meet up in the gravel lot on the North side of Julian Pie Company in Santa Ysabel Sunday October, 7th at 0730. Pre ride checks and top off tanks then stands up at 0800 taking the 79 North. Times can be pushed to the right if people need more time to make it to Santa Ysabel. I need to ride out there this evening to double check gates and everything, but looking at pulling onto the trail at "33.3309 -116.70914" Keeping on Palomar Divide Truck Trail/Palomar Divide Rd, we'd stay left at "33.337099, -116.778723". Stay right at "33.339643, -116.787892" Taking the right fork at "33.362607, -116.826500" to turn onto High Point Truck Trail/High Point Rd. Hard left at "33.376270, -116.826930" to stay on High Point Truck Trail/High Point Rd. Trail ends at "33.440116, -116.857085". Right on the 79 back to Santa Ysabel, then left towards Julian for lunch/pie/drinks. https://www.plotaroute.com/route/697585 The plan is to make periodic stops on the trail to allow individuals to catch up, get pictures, get a drink, and grab a snack. I am thinking about going to Heroes Restaurant in Julian for lunch. From what I have been told, they are riders themselves and they are extremely patriotic! I am hoping that a later lunch will allow us to dodge most of the weekend Julian foot traffic.
  12. I'm definitely interested in joining, just wondering when and where.
  13. Thinking of riding tomorrow (Monday) through Poway, up to Santa Ysabel or Julian for pie then maybe a trail if someone recommends. Anyone care to join?