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  1. I have had this in my phone for the last 5 years. Big Bear Recovery 909-222-0265. Met him at a coffee shop in BB one morning. Well equipped Jeep, knew every trail up there. Not going to even comment on the KLR rider.
  2. Robert, what two stroke oil do you use?
  3. Avocado

    Replacement battery advice

    Lithium battery - Shorai is a great one - The Enduro Shop stocks them
  4. Avocado

    trailer camping moto riding suggestions?

    Mammoth Area can be fun for exploring. Take a look around Sherwin Creek, there are lots of snow mobile trails that are all open, some OHV, lots of Dual Sport. Ride back into town when done. Kid/Wife friendly and the air temp is typically nice. Also Mesquite, that is quite a drive and not as much to do for the Kids/Wife and its getting hot out there.
  5. Avocado

    Chilly update

    Glad to hear he is doing well. I did see he was putting some serious hours in baja and he was quite a way south for a while as well. I breezed through his IG posts and noticed one which stated no more trophy girls on enduro360, he set up a new page for the them.... looks like he may have moved on from enduro360
  6. Avocado

    Chilly update

    Thanks, he has typically been able to keep up his site while taking caring for his tour stuff- just strange to see the page inactive for several months. Hoping it wasn't an injury. I will take a look at IG
  7. Avocado

    Chilly update

    Know most of you keep track of other like minded forums. Any idea what happy with Chilly White's page, appears to be several months with no updates... strange
  8. Avocado

    forma predator boot sale

    No affiliation - an in county (Encinitas) boot resole shop - been replacing mx boots soles for a while. FYI - http://www.factoryresole.com
  9. Avocado

    The Enduro Shop meet and greet Saturday

    Agreed, Ben has done a nice job with the store and has a fairly large selection of bike bags, klim gear, bd lights, etc ... quite a few of the necessary items to go for a long/multi day ride. Most of the items we use are quite specific and have a relatively small sales audience, the store has a surprising amount of them. I am happy to support, in live in NC so close by, good people, not a corporate shopping mall of junk items. It was nice to meet you Kelly, Ken, and Tracy.
  10. Avocado

    Front Tire Width

    They are nice tires
  11. Avocado

    Front Tire Width

    Robert, does Golden Tyre have a moose that will fill the 216AA completely? I have yet to use a moose in one, but received a new 216AA today and looks like it's going to take a moose and an 1/8 to a 1/4 of second one. Will the tire wash around width wide in a Michelin moose?
  12. Avocado

    Front Tire Width

    Bruce - take a look at the reviews for the Golden Tyre 216AA Fat Tire / Steamroller. I have had better results with it. 650's like to push steer, lots of rear skidding needed, this should tire should help some. Ty Davis just received a new shipment - they will go fast - FYI.
  13. Avocado

    1927 farm truck project

    Congratulations! I can only imagine the enjoyment you have seeing the truck run and drive again. Lots of memories and history right there -- The truck is smiling as well
  14. Nice Find! Impressive high altitude riding