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  1. I also have the S 10, once you find the right suspension set up that massive weight will change the handling. You can do this rocky rd with the S 10 if you have long legs in case if you have to stop (that's not my case) I heard people did with the Gs's1200 We travel pretty light (Jet boil stove, dehydrate food, 2 person light tent) but in this trip I carried extra 70L duffel bag with my climbing gear and extra clothes. Plus DSR camera, tripod and beer of course.
  2. Like you say, with this bike was little difficult, more because of the ground clearance and 19" front wheel, but I don't think it's to hard it's more mental and definitely technical.
  3. Halloween weekend ride/climbing trip! We left friday via 79>371>62 and JT, after met our people and set up camping in Jumbo rocks we left to Geology Rd/Berdoo Canyon Rd. Nice ride, some parts are little technical (for this bikes) we did N to S, so was more downhill riding in this direction, I think it's a better ride in the opposite way S to N. Next day just relax, some rock climbing, crazy cracks, no falls, party at night! And Sunday my body decide to not come with me and I really like to go and explore the Old Dale Rd. This time S to N, first 8 miles brutal sand for my 19" front wheel : ( Ho well...life it's an adventure right? The mountain pass are very rocky and technical (what I really like) but here it's the problem: If I drop the bike I will hurt my self, so I have to commit with the track I chose I go for, no stop! It's up hill, big rocks on left and big cliffs on my right. Of course in some spots I lost my track, I almost fell 10 times and got stuck in 2 spots, make me stop get out the bike and push/throttle/rocking to pass the section, this time I figure out the ground clearance on a GS650 really sucks! Any other bike will be pretty easy here. Great views from the top and great challenge for me and the "little pig" 650. Each ride it's around 25 miles. Next time I would like to go to Black Eagle!
  4. I would love to go tomorrow but I am working Fri and Sat. Send me some of your pics. I am not going until the 21 of November. I Just wanted to do this ride to meet new riders that enjoy the outdoors like I do. This is not to far for most riders in San Diego and Riverside. I also plan on doing a trip over December that you guys might be interested in doing. It is traveling to AZ for three days on 70% dirt. Sorry Dan! I got to exited and I read the Friday only : ) Now I notice it's Friday the 21st : ) doooo Keep in touch. December I'm not sure, I might ride to Baja for 7 days. Tks for the invitation!
  5. I just did 2 days a go solo ride, well me and my body! Well next time and I'm still waiting for your honor visit : ) Have fun! https://www.facebook.com/241752842590346/photos/pcb.661148730650753/661147317317561/?type=1&theater
  6. Dan, I'm also going to that way, me and 1 more guy. We leave tomorrow 8:00am from Starbucks in Temecula ride the back side to Palm Springs! Set up camp in Jumbo Rocks, exit via Utah Trail then go to Old Dale Rd and ride from to N to S, if we have time or the desire stretch to Geology or next day Saturday we plain to ride Geology trail> Berdoo Rd and ride back to Jumbo. You are welcome to come with us (bring your costume) if u are around text me (858) 999-6579 or look for (black BMW F650GS and white Triumph 800xc) remember inside the park there is no reception) some spots only!
  7. A little pressure to go ride it's good, lurking...
  8. Riding in the shadows : ) so, are you coming?
  9. Going to Big Bear to ride the big pigs 1200 and 800 on Wed 15 with a new rider to adventure touring (he's in Temecula) so we are going to ride easy stuff for fun. Go up on Burns Canyon, Holcomb Valley to Green Lake and back to Redford Camp Rd and 7 Oaks. Looong day. Still have to decide if we are going 15N or HWY 79 to Palm Springs. Skip work day and come with us! Phil
  10. 360adv


    +1 Talk to R.J the owner! Really good people there!
  11. I forgot to mention: Rancho Sta Veronica offer a better food for our tours! We carry all the bags in the truck, spare parts, tubes, tools, even an extra set of wheels and tires for ours BMW'S You just RIDE and HAVE FUN!!!
  12. From October through March you will have the opportunity to discover a little bit about Baja in two and half days. The tour/route was designed for big adventure bikes, but all motorcycle sizes are welcome. Ride 215 miles in gravel, dirt and light sand and other 195 miles in asphalt, crossing stoned desert views to valleys and admire the beautiful and unique chaparral vegetation. You ride and 360 Motorcycle Adventures takes care of the rest! 2 lodging nights (Rancho Sta Veronica and Mike's) (sharing room) 2 dinners 2 breakfasts lunch, snacks and soft drinks on the road. Gasoline in Mexico Emergency Satellite phone Chase vehicle Spot Satellite (let your family track your ride) Motorcycle options: U$ 389 own bike or U$ 750 with our BMW F650GS (KLR'S coming soon) Max of 15 riders per group! Check other AVAILABLE DATES in the link below! http://www.360motorcycleadventures.com/360_Motorcycle/Mikes_Sky_Ranch_Tour.html Tks everybody Phil.
  13. Tks everybody, unfortunately we didn't get the min of people required for the course, that said, it's CANCELED! Maybe we try in some point again. Phil.