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  1. Looks like this is not a ride for me, I'm not an intermediate rider, thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the quick replies!
  3. What is the gas mileage range necessary for this ride? I have a wr250 without the desert tank on it right now. And what level skill is required for this ride?
  4. Andes Mountains, Cloud Forest, Rain Forest, and the edge of the jungle we seen by my boyfriend and I the end of August through the first week of September on a couple of rented 200cc bikes with GPS coordinates plugged into a Garmin which was provided as part of our dual sport self guided rental tour. The tour was EPIC on multiple levels. The scenery, cultural experience, and the riding was one of the highest rated trips I have ever done, motorcycle or San motorcycle.
  5. roadchick

    Ecuador Offroad Tour

    Photos to be posted soon!! Can not do it from my IPhone.
  6. Any suggested places to ride my WR for the first time with its dirt tires and wheels? My bf switched them out and we want to ride tomorrow. He just put his new dirt tires/wheels on his KTM 690 last night too.
  7. My bf has been going the past 15 years, he races off road Jeeps, this will be my first time experiencing it in the dirt, have gone through while on a street bike tour one year I road to South Dakota, and back through Colorado.
  8. Not sure if we will or not, need to look at the dates. We are going to Moab next month.
  9. We ended up going to Glamis North KOA, it was a great day with awesome weather. Really liked the WR with the knobby tires.
  10. Thank you!! Appreciate the help!
  11. Any other suggestions? We are willing to drive.
  12. Bf says lotsa rocks at Corral Canyon
  13. We are loaded up and ready to drive somewhere warm. How about glamis north? Looking for a place with not a lot of sand?
  14. I assume, I just do a search for Otay Mountain? Silly, I know, but I have no idea where Otay Mountain is other than near Otay Lakes? LOL
  15. Thank you for the responses! Much appreciated!
  16. Going to pass on this one and wait for a NOOB ride. Have fun out there everyone!
  17. Where is this track? And can anyone say if it is good for a noob??
  18. Wanted to go for a ride tomorrow on my WR250 but could not get the dirt tires put on today, so I'm riding my NX250. Where do you recommend I ride?
  19. I read through A LOT of the information on what people like and recommend, but it seems they are mostly $600 and up? I see the Montana and the Zumo mentioned,but am wondering if there is anything you would recommend under $350? If not, I will wait and purchase the more expensive ones recommended. Thanks in advance!
  20. Good point! I was not thinking that everyone can read this stuff? Going on a street ride with a bunch of friends now so this is moot!
  21. I guess I should not ride tomorrow then. I'm not familar with any of the off road trails. I guess I will stick to my road bicycle. Or just do a street ride with friend's! Thanks for the post!
  22. So is this place way above a beginner's level!?
  23. What's your opinion on an adult wearing the youth vs. the adult? I sat them side by side and the adult has a substantial amount more helmet. The youth is quite a bit less, but these are also NOT ARAI, SHOEI, and other higher end helmets. Do you go for the higher end?
  24. roadchick

    Youth Large Helmet VS. XS Adult Helmet

    Thanks for the posts, I'm going for the adult helmet. Thats what I have been using for my street helmets.
  25. I have a question now that I just read this post. I do not plan on doing MX riding, so is this class good for me? My goal is to do adventure riding, and do some Baja, Moab, and Ecuador rides. Thanks!

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