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  1. X-Racer

    You guys seen this?

    I've done some bush piloting, but never landed on a strip like that...
  2. X-Racer

    My new trail bike

    Wow... Times are tough !
  3. X-Racer

    Stalled at a stoplight

    This is probably the second lesson to learn.. If you are nervous about getting off the line quickly put it back in gear in anticipation of the green light. The first lesson however would be to never take a newly rebuilt bike out on it's first ride into traffic. Chit 'appens.
  4. X-Racer

    Lets Ride (soon)

    Gr8: Cool ! What bike did you get ? How'd she know what to get you ? What equipment do you need ? Sizes ? I've got a small lightly used collection...
  5. On Nov. 3, 2011, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) introduced H.R. 3334, the latest version of the controversial Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act (NREPA). The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is concerned about this bill because it will designate nearly 24 million acres as Wilderness and components of the National Wilderness Preservation System in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. This Wilderness designation will make the land off limits to off-highway riders. Here's the response link: http://capwiz.com/amacycle/issues/alert/?alertid=56356106&queueid=[capwiz:queue_id] Please visit and post your response. Thank-you, - Robert
  6. X-Racer

    Finding Cannon Ball's Trail

    Hi Don, Bob Baldwin (son of Jack Baldwin (RIP), Jack Baldwin Motorcycles, Santa Monica, Dirt Diggers, friend of Don Sr. (Etc.)) here..... I think you are going to need some help out there. I better ride with you just in case. I'm pretty sure my Y2K LC4-E "Katina" will have no problems getting there.
  7. X-Racer

    Next Maintenance Gathering September 26th

    Sounds like good fun... I was thinking the girl and I would DS down from Anaheim Hills. ...but I've no way of knowing how to get there once past Lake Elsinore partially off-road. I'll try the PM to Member's trick. Robert
  8. X-Racer

    Borrego Springs

    * thinking he should expand operations into the Siskou National Forest where I was WAY out in the middle of nowhere with a problem, including lack of cell comms ....thinking maybe he could just sorta follow me around. *
  9. X-Racer

    Help - What bike to buy?

    Mind if I quote you on that ? * LOL *
  10. X-Racer

    Seeking a 650ish dual sport

    Yup... The XR650 is a good mount. Having had both, I'm not sure if I buy any (cost vs reliability) arguments against the LC4 option either. Then again I never had either brake on me to where that was a factor. ~ shrug ~ ...and it's also dual-purpose because you don't have to have an exercise program because you get to kick-start it ! At my ripe old age (and cumulative body abuse) I'll take the e-starter. There was some observations of frame cracking around the peg mount areas. Not sure how pervasive the problem as (or if it was a problem in general if gusseted and re-welded).
  11. X-Racer

    EXC 450 vs. WR250R - huh?

    I decided not to fight with anyone but myself about which bikes are best so I have a very psychotic selection of everything in the garage. It's impossible to sort between the colors and the garage isn't big enough to keep them in their own corner. It's easy. The way I do it is pick a helmet out before I go to the garage, and that's which bike I ride that day.
  12. X-Racer

    My Bikes

    Yea.... Well... Something gotta go eventually ! * LOL * Mine was the clutch. It coulda been those 2nd gear starts at Bay Mare or Saddleback !
  13. X-Racer

    be careful.....

    The enhanced enforcement is consistent with activity throughout the state and especially in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. You literally cannot ride a bike through the Malibu area or the Angeles forest areas without the risk of being pulled over (for nothing). Unfortunately, specialized Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operations do not preclude, nor prevent motorcycle collisions, injuries, and fatalities. What they DO is reinforce the counties fiscal contribution from ticket fees. .....which in-turn takes officers off the street to fight tickets. Oxymoronish per chance ? let's start here: How about stopping every cager that is caught with a cell phone in their ear and raise the tix cost to $XXXXX dollars. THAT will save lives and prevent collisions, injuries, and fatalities ! As my daughter would say, Like: Duh... ...and yes. If you point your wheelie AT an officer, you are very likely to be shot. Wheelie responsibly !
  14. X-Racer

    My Bikes

    I had a Puch 125. My dad's shop sold them. Never met anyone else that had one ! Cool bike eh ? The thing ripped on everything else around -Including Elsinores.
  15. Zee: Sorry, but I disagree. People who are not on drugs and presumably in their "right mind" also kill motorcyclists while behind the wheel. I have no faith in the day-to-day drivers NOT being intoxicated. ...or that I may be lucky not to encounter one. Unfortunately, it (a life being taken) happens every day. I ride a M/C on the street every day and I see the potential every day. Face it... Most motorists are distracted to some extent and I don't care if you ride, or drive, you're a potential victim. RIP to the riders.