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  1. Sneeker, Your gift of accurate information was invaluable. It gave me the tools I needed. Thank you so much! Here is an update. The superintendent of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is looking into why MVTT is still locked. I am working with a ranger and I’ll provide updates as they come. Cal Fire is aware that the gate is locked and have stated that they are not responsible for it. There was a bark beetle study that was performed and completed in 2007. According to my research there are no active environmental studies being conducted at this time. California Department of Parks and Recreation is the legal land owner where the gate resides. The land has had a very interesting past. The APN I was researching was part of a complex known as “Tulloch (Cuyamaca) Ranch” not to be confused with the still operating “Tulloch Ranch” off of highway 78 in Ramona. Here is a summary of the history of the land ownership: • Lot M of Rancho Cuyamaca established 1879 • Private: ????-1979 Cummins Family • Private: 1979-2002 Tulloch Family • Private: 2002-2005 The Nature Conservancy (nature.org) • Public: 2005-Present California Parks and Recreation From the web: Tulloch Ranch In 2005, another wildlife linkage was made with Cuyamaca Rancho State Park when the 2,080-acre Tulloch Ranch was added to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Funding was provided by State and Federal programs, and a private foundation grant. –Anza Borrego Desert Foundation. I'll provide updates as they come. I remain hopeful. Thanks for all the warm welcome to the online community.
  2. Thanks Craig and Randy. I have contacted California's Fire and Resource Assessment Program staff offices in Sacramento and I left a voice mail for one of the Research Program Specialist. The gal I spoke to on the phone led me to believe that the map I was referring too was related to an insect / tree study conducted several years ago. That statement is consistent with the date/time stamps on the FRAP project website for San Diego County. I am starting to wonder if Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is responsible for the gate being persistently locked. This actually makes sense to me. According to Google Maps, the most western boundary of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park appears to begin 1.2 miles from the locked gate. If the park didn't want visitors entering from this road they they would lock it. See my map here for a visual. I am not 100% confident in Google's map accuracy... And it's rather difficult to find accurate maps these days with some of the parks recent expansion. I have attempted to enlist the help of a Julian Realtor to assist me in obtaining detailed and accurate information about the land around the gate. Also here is another image from the locked gate. This sign is above the sign that reads "AREA CLOSED - TEMPORARILY FOR FIRE RECOVERY"
  3. Hello all SD Adventure Riders. I am new here and I don't have a bike yet but would like to get one soon. I understand that Mason Valley Truck Trail has been closed since 2003. I am troubled by this and would like to see it opened. I have made several phone calls and I have been unsuccessful in finding the responsible agency for closing the gate at the top where it connects with CA-79. I have visually inspected the locks on the gate and there are of course multiple agencies locks on the gate. I have spoke to Julian Fire Dept, Cleveland National Forest (Descanso Office) and nobody is sure why. Does anyone know who is responsible for the gate having been locked for so long? Here is a picture of the gate: