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Everything sold... thanks everyone

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Pics aren’t loading all of a sudden... have more pics message me your number and I’ll send them. 



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Alright Dylan, I'll bite on the ski if nobody else hasn't yet.  Are you a fan of Alpine Beer Co.?  A nice Gift Certificate to you would be in order at the least. 

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On 5/23/2018 at 9:32 AM, Dylan said:

I hope I have been answering everyone and didn’t miss any messages.... 

Updated the original post- added a link to the boat On Craigslist. 


Little preview of some furniture- pricing here. 

Accent chairs- pair. SOLD


plummer’s circle love seat. Sold


Dining room table with leaf insert and 6 chairs- $100

seat bases have been reupholstered, but need it again probably. Easy 1-2hr job to match your decor. One of the seat bases is broke in the middle from my kid standing on it. I think it’s an easy fix. Besides the seat bottoms needing steam cleaned, and the 1 replaced it is an extremely functional table. Very clean, sturdy and nothing major. 


Arizona Leather sofa sectional- $100. 

I am 90% certain it is an Arizona leather sofa. Was ridiculously expensive new. Entirely down filled and comfortable. The seat bases are showing their age, and is wearing lighter. 


Ethan Allen Cabinet- SOLD

great condition and regularly polished. Tilts up, I believe it was originally for a record player with front doors opening as well. Pretty much flawless. We used it to store DVDs and board games. 


Queen bed Frame, box spring and mattress. Not sure of the age, as we have had it for a while in our guest bedroom. Mattress is clean, nothing weird. Very comfortable. Comes with the blonde side cabinet that is shown. I’m thinking this is worth $40? 


I also have an older jetski I’ll post later. 








So the only remaining items are the couch and dining room table.

Dining room Table $100

Couch sold

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Dylan, good luck over on the "Far Side".

Should get a hold of that other guy...  Dan, I think. Didn't he move over there? I barely remember him. (Sarc).



if you need anything for your move, ask here and maybe we can help.....

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