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  1. If there is not the correct amount of free play, it`s like you`re riding the brake.
  2. There are way too many distractions while driving these days, (phones, entertainment systems, GPS!), and of course the good old bad decision of driving while drunk! Some of the new driving assist stuff I think is just wrong, (park assist where the car parks itself, backup cameras when people don`t turn around and look also), if you can`t park maybe you should not drive!
  3. This is the way I saw it too. +1 !!!! Never liked Marquez or Lorenzo ! I do like Dani Pedrosa, Marquez`s team mate !
  4. Maybe stonewall peak? Stonewall Peak
  5. I want one ! Looks like the 75 DT400 I bought for $1100.00 brand new in 76, (they had several left overs at Boe`s Cycle Mart).
  6. I would really like to go on this ride but I am not sure if it`s in the cards. I`ll know as the date gets closer. I wouldn`t mind car pooling if someone has extra space.
  7. guys are killing me !!! But considering the 80's are my era it is only fitting Netflix has it on DVD,(but not instant streaming). My profile pic is me on my 77 TT 500 about 1981 in San Felipe Wash at the 78 overpass, near The Blu-Inn, (our favorite campsite at the time !)
  8. Check this out !!!
  9. I`ll be lurking too, have not been riding much lately, need to get back on the dirt !
  10. Wow. sorry you had two bad experiences with these guys. I have bought three bikes from them, and consider the people there as friends. My observation is that they are pretty laid back most of the time. I have been in other stores where sales personel are trained to be so aggressive, that I am insulted by how much they can ignore clues that I give them in our conversation about what I am looking for. I have always liked Moto Forza too ! They are very laid back. They are not high pressure salesmen. Next time you go in there, approach them and I think you will change your mind.
  11. Back in the mid 70s my friends and I would cut classes at O`side High and go hang out at the river bed, ride and party, (if you know what I mean). Lots of good memories !
  12. Here is a Snap On set on E-Bay for a $100.00 !
  13. Check out this page on Photo Bucket. Just did these in bulk.