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  1. Upcoming SDAR meeting 2017???

    I'd be game for a picnic, this list might come in handy. http://thebrewproject.com/2016/07/09/alcohol_friendly_parks_in_san_diego/
  2. I know I'm not the only one of these forums watching outdoors, so let's get a discussion thread going! Spoilers ahead, so if you haven't watched Hangtown yet steer clear! I was hoping for big things from Ferrandis, so it was heartbreaking to see him out in the first moto. News is he didn't break anything but did sustain a concussion, so fingers crossed he lines up at Glen Helen! Don't wanna sling too much mud about brands, but Jeremy Martin can't be too thrilled about his switch to Honda at the moment. Nice to see Forkner podium in the 2nd moto, if he can keep the bike under him I think he's going to be spending a lot of time up there. JGR just had to be shaking their heads watching Barcia dump it right off the bat, they've had a rough season but at least Peick's back for the series. Anderson also caught a tough break, not a good day to try and sell Dragon goggles. Josh Grant's success caught me a bit off guard, nice to see an "old" guy up on the podium! No surprises about Eli Tomac's performance, dominating the race so well he can crash and still retain a significant lead. I went ahead and picked up NBC Sports Gold; I have Cox Cable so don't get MavTV. I can't say if it's worth $50, but the stream quality from my Amazon Fire TV Stick was great, there's no commercials, and the commentary continues during the breaks. If they can do something similar for Supercross that'll drive the final nail in the coffin of my cable TV subscription.
  3. Nicky Hayden

    Rest In Peace. http://www.foxsports.com/motor/story/nicky-hayden-dies-from-injuries-sustained-in-bicycle-crash-052217
  4. Had a blast riding around Adams with Tntmo, Daniel, and my non-SDAR buddy Allan. Temps were a little warm, but a cooler full of beverages made them entirely bearable. Here I am following Tntmo around the track And I am lowsiding earlier in the day
  5. http://www.socaltrials.com/whatsnew/2017/5/17/scta-fun-trial-this-sunday.html Ride trials (donation and $5 land use fee) or just watch! I'm not affiliated with the event in any way, just trying to get more folks interested in the sport. Please delete if this violates any rules regarding posting other clubs rides/events. Try Trials!
  6. Bumping this thread, just gotta pull my luggage off and I'm ready for the kart track!
  7. Definitely interested!
  8. Nice, fingers crossed!
  9. No judgments here, the Grom looks like a hoot and one of my favorite moto-vloggers (Joey Mac) has shown they can be fun off-road. I just think you're going to have trouble locating one at your price point; they hold their value and I typically see them listed for $3000+.
  10. Last September I picked up a 2004 Gas Gas TXT 280 Pro, and over the winter I spent a lot of lunch breaks and afternoons practicing riding it. For my birthday my wife signed me up for the trials class at Motoventures; previously we'd taken his level 2 course. This morning I loaded up the bike and headed up to Anza to learn some new skills and build some confidence. The class size was small, just a few other riders who were also CMSP instructors. Unsurprisingly I was the only one riding their own bike; the others got some brand spankin' new Gas Gas 250 Contacts. The first exercise was fairly typical; slow speed cornering while standing focusing on counter-balancing and keeping ones shoulders aligned with the bars. Things quickly ramped up, with the next exercise practicing those same skills on tight, technical, sometimes off-camber hillsides. Once we had the hang of this (or more accurately knew what we were supposed to be doing) we practiced wheelies and bunny hops. I'd always struggled with the latter, but after a bit of instruction I had the knack for it. With this knowledge we moved on to the part I'd really been looking for; riding over rocks. My property consists of two and a half acres of mostly rocks in Ramona, so I was thrilled to learn the correct technique for doing a double-blip to get up and over taller, steeper rock faces. Eventually I picked out a few too far above my skill level and crashed several times, but with trials you just dust yourself off, straighten the bars if necessary, and give it another go. This was followed by a trail ride, something I'd never had the opportunity to do on a trials bike. It was incredibly fun, and I'd take the occasional detour to try my skills on a choice piece of granite. Gary showed us the lines the experts had just taken at El Trial De Espana. We were then given free reign to have fun in the Motoventures training compound, with Gary occasionally pulling us aside to provide tips and feedback. At the end of the class I piloted the trials bike over to his small motocross track and had more fun than is perhaps reasonable jumping it. When I got home I unloaded the bike and put what I had learned to use. Sections that had previously seemed impossible were now well within my reach; I found some new lines and conquered obstacles I'd been unable to master. I'd originally picked up the trials bike with the intention of improving my skills on the bigger bikes, but I'm now strongly considering competing with the local club. Can't say enough good things about the Motoventures Trials class! https://motoventures.com/package/moto-trials-riding-and-training/
  11. I'm out, they're doing the 67/Dye Road lane closure again tonight (7pm to 5am) which is on my only way home from Pamo Rd. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/ramona-sentinel/news/local-news/sd-cm-ram-sr67-nighttime-closures-20170428-story.html That said, did make it up there on Sunday with some friends!
  12. Nate Harrison mileage?

    76 to Doane Valley Road.
  13. Nate Harrison mileage?

    About nine and a half miles.
  14. Possible Issue Uploading Picture Files

    I recommend imgur.com.