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  1. A pic of the author (he survived or else I wouldn't be posting it)
  2. Sad to have missed this one; almost had two bikes on the wrong tires but wound up having to take the wife's Prius in for hybrid battery service. :/
  3. Looks better than what I've got so far, I'd be glad to take it off your hands!
  4. This Saturday or Sunday the week after are both options.
  5. It's my property. I'm limiting it to trials bikes for now; they tend to be pretty quiet and don't tear up the yard.
  6. Happy to let people ride mine.
  7. About nine months ago I picked up a trials bike (2004 Gas Gas TXT 280 Pro), and last month took Gary LaPlante's class. I'm hooked! I know at least a few of you have trials bikes sitting in your garages, begging to be kicked over and pointed at some obstacles. Others are just waiting for their opportunity to ride a trials bike for the first time. My skill level is still solidly in the beginner class, but I've got a teeter totter and two and a half acres of interesting terrain located in Ramona. Just trying to gauge interest in a relaxed practice day event, so please reply if this sounds like your cup of tea!
  8. Did you ever wind up building this? I think I'm gonna start in on mine this weekend and would love to hear any advice you may have learned.
  9. Dog-friendly patios are a big plus in my book, hope to see you there!
  10. Another exciting weekend! What in the world is up with Tomac's front brake? You'd think after Arlington they'd have a better plan together, but it wasn't a good day to be on a green machine. I felt SO bad watching Forker make his way back to the pits (but I guess nobody can accuse him of cutting the track this time). No surprise to see so many guys that train with Aldon Baker up on the podium, and I was thrilled to see some real speed out of Ferrandis. If Jeremy Martin could've just kept it on the track he would've taken the top spot, so at least Honda's got the bike sorted.
  11. Sure, I'm 38. I think Daniel just turned 30.
  12. I'd be game for a picnic, this list might come in handy. http://thebrewproject.com/2016/07/09/alcohol_friendly_parks_in_san_diego/
  13. I know I'm not the only one of these forums watching outdoors, so let's get a discussion thread going! Spoilers ahead, so if you haven't watched Hangtown yet steer clear! I was hoping for big things from Ferrandis, so it was heartbreaking to see him out in the first moto. News is he didn't break anything but did sustain a concussion, so fingers crossed he lines up at Glen Helen! Don't wanna sling too much mud about brands, but Jeremy Martin can't be too thrilled about his switch to Honda at the moment. Nice to see Forkner podium in the 2nd moto, if he can keep the bike under him I think he's going to be spending a lot of time up there. JGR just had to be shaking their heads watching Barcia dump it right off the bat, they've had a rough season but at least Peick's back for the series. Anderson also caught a tough break, not a good day to try and sell Dragon goggles. Josh Grant's success caught me a bit off guard, nice to see an "old" guy up on the podium! No surprises about Eli Tomac's performance, dominating the race so well he can crash and still retain a significant lead. I went ahead and picked up NBC Sports Gold; I have Cox Cable so don't get MavTV. I can't say if it's worth $50, but the stream quality from my Amazon Fire TV Stick was great, there's no commercials, and the commentary continues during the breaks. If they can do something similar for Supercross that'll drive the final nail in the coffin of my cable TV subscription.