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  1. Rest in Peace.
  2. Yeah, my wife and I stopped by and checked out the flat track bikes, but it seemed like the entire crowd were Harley riders so we hit up the Fish Fry @ Boll Weevil.
  3. Happy Birthday George!
  4. Last month I was checking the Barona Oaks website to see which days the track was open when I spotted an ad for a motocross school. I've taken the Intermediate Training and Trials classes up at Motoventures, but haven't ever done anything focused on motocross so I signed up. The instructor is Daniel Sedlak, a motocross privateer from Germany who has been travelling the world racing and teaching the locals how to ride Motocross. A web search for his name shows him racing Supercross in Athens, Endurocross in Australia, and teaching in Kampala, Uganda. One of his students took last year's FIM Africa Motocross 85cc Championship. Saturday we had the track all to ourselves, providing the opportunity to focus on individual sections and stop for instruction. The class format was multiple segments of instruction, guided practice, and rest. We started with cornering techniques, then progressed into how to correctly ride motocross whoops and make the most of limited traction. Eventually we put it all together for some racing around the entire track. Daniel seems very accustomed to working with kids, which has given him both an incredible amount of patience and a knack for breaking down complex instructions into simple, easy to digest steps. Several students that receive personal instruction were at this class, and let me tell you those kids are fast! I started the day comparatively old, out of shape, and slow. I ended still comparatively old, completely exhausted, and significantly faster. Barona Oaks has asked him to come back and offer classes on a more regular basis and I strongly recommend signing up if you have any interest in riding Motocross, or just becoming a better rider in general. Towards winter he also offers classes out in the desert. That's me in the back "Roosted by kids" section.
  5. I think this link should work:
  6. Glad to hear it's taken care of!
  7. Fingers crossed for a speedy, proper repair!
  8. He confirms is the correct email and has offered again today to take them free of charge so long as they're accessible.
  9. I'd even be willing to do the removal, but with six already I need another hive like I need a hole in the head (plus each new hive requires a box, stand, frames, and top and bottom boards).
  10. Hi Udo, Did you contact Gabriel Velasquez? He saw your hive on the San Diego Beekeeping FB group and was potentially interested in taking the hive for free. Some had also wondered if they could take the box. For professional removal I recommend Rex @ Bemergency Bee Removal (760)789-2755. He's a neighbor of mine and has done good work for several people who've asked me for a recommendation in the past.
  11. This is now sold. Selling my wife's kayak. It's been stored in the garage and works great, we're just replacing it with a tandem boat so our dog can more easily join our adventures. $250 to an SDAR member, want to get it out of the garage before the new boat arrives next weekend!
  12. In for an XL.
  13. A pic of the author (he survived or else I wouldn't be posting it)
  14. Sad to have missed this one; almost had two bikes on the wrong tires but wound up having to take the wife's Prius in for hybrid battery service. :/
  15. Looks better than what I've got so far, I'd be glad to take it off your hands!