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  1. Are these what you're trying to post?
  2. In my experience Main Street and Quarry Road are the busiest spots (the Cove's nearby but a little quieter). Hidden Valley campground tends to be fairly quiet but you're still gonna have plenty of people nearby. Last time I was out I camped east of Pole Line just south of Lake Shore Trail, there's lots of flat land it's easily accessible. You can also explore off of Gas Dome trail west of Pole Line; the road itself is busy but easily accessible for a toy hauler and opens up lots of remote spots nearby. Finally, consider camping in the BLM land south of the park if you want away from people, aside from the shooters along the railroad tracks it tends to be much, much quieter overall.
  3. I think boots are a bit like helmets in that there isn't a single universal solution. When my Tech 3s started wearing out (and I became sick of their buckles) I went to Motoworld determined to get a pair of Sidis. While they seemed like well made boots after trying them on back to back with some Tech 7s the latter were way more comfortable on my foot. I wound up with the Tech 7s and haven't had any issues with them since purchase (and I absolutely love the new buckle system), but strongly recommend trying on a variety of boots prior to making a purchase.
  4. I've got an aluminum one you're welcome to borrow.
  5. I've got one of the Harbor Freight 500 lbs aluminum ones you're welcome to borrow.
  6. Sometimes you've just gotta take 'em both along.
  7. GoPro and a YouTube channel, tell her you're a vlogger.
  9. Seems like they made the Africa Twin we all wanted!
  10. Hey, you accidentally posted the edit link; if we wanted to we could change or even delete your post using that link. The link you want to share with people is below.
  11. I don't think the 450 EXC was street legal until 2007, so as for easily getting a CA plate probably not. That said, it's a green sticker bike so it's possible if you're willing to jump through a lot of hoops.
  12. Thanks, I'll pass that along! Do you know which model of TrailWing? Googling reveals a ton of different tread patterns, if it's something that would work around Ocotillo Wells we'll gladly take it. Right now he's got a hybrid dualsport tire (looks similar to a Shinko 705) on the rear. Upside is his bike came with two sets of wheels!
  13. I helped a new rider friend get a smokin' deal on a DR650. I've given him a 21" knobby front takeoff, but all my bikes run 18" or 19" rear wheels so I don't have any appropriate rear tires. If anyone's got a knobby rear tire with some life left in it that will fit (120/90/17, 130/80/17, maybe others) please let me know, thanks!
  14. That's a homebrew hefeweizen. The waffle grip is 1850 Runner from ChuckAlek.