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  1. 1927 farm truck project

    Thanks guys! 30MPH dirt bike hauler!
  2. 1927 farm truck project

    We're showing the 1927 truck for the first time this weekend on Sunday, Oct 21 from 9am to 2pm at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista. They are having their annual engine and tractor show inside, which costs $10. But the San Diego chapter of the American Truck Historical Society sets up in the parking outside the front gate, which means that part of the show is free. Come on by and say hello to me and my brother Paul. http://agsem.com/event-tractor-show.php 2040 N Santa Fe Ave, Vista, CA 92084 https://goo.gl/maps/bn5NSALJ2wy
  3. Sorry I'm out. Gotta work on the truck. Have a safe ride!
  4. That looks like a mother of a grundy ride! Lurking.
  5. All your GPS directions are correct. Should be no problem. This is the standard Palomar Divide route. Sorry I can't make it. Catch you on a future ride as I am in Tierrasanta too!
  6. Nice vintage bikes! Looks like a good time.
  7. Great mountain scenery. Someday I hope to ride there.
  8. We await the official route.
  9. I waited at the junction until around 8:50.   Didn't see  the op.   2 guys on  bikes new to the area were there when I left.   I went east and exited at Marron Valley Road, hooked back around and entered the mountain at pio pico and exited at the prison.

  10. As I was riding up Tecate Peak, I was thinking this would be a great noob ride... provided nobody goes whiskey throttling over the side of the road, of course.
  11. I understand the posting policy on write ups. My posts were made during the ride as I was hoping to meet up with the other riders. Thanks.
  12. Sorry I missed you guys, nice cloud layer up top.!
  13. Decided to run up Tecate peak from the east side. I’ve never been up to the top. Long border patrol road but pretty fun and pretty high up. Probably won’t make Campo but I’m going to head back down and over to Brody’s