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  1. From the review: "The engine was designed to last a long time, a Honda long time, so it won’t be as easy as changing out the muffler and hope it turns into a rocket. Due to the catalyst in the muffler and the restriction it causes, going to an open muffler will place engine fuel management into a very lean state. We were told that even taking the lid off the air box in not a good idea with the stock fuel mapping settings. Then you have a smaller exhaust header, steel valves, a lower compression piston and some rev ceilings that will make it difficult to get power easily. Dropping weight would be quick at first but also involves the muffler, hopefully the aftermarket is onto a solution already." So, what would you have to do to add an open, aftermarket exhaust? The ECU is "locked"... what does that mean? It can't be remapped?
  2. CRF450L first crash test

    Helmet cam of the Washington ride https://dirtbikemagazine.com/first-ride-2019-yamaha-yz450fx-the-wrap/
  3. CRF450L first crash test

    He should have reviewed the damage and also how the replacement bike performed on the ride. EDIT: "American Honda has imposed an embargo until next week for ride reviews and critiques" https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/reviews/gone-riding-2019-honda-crf450l-review/ (check out the comments at the bottom)
  4. 2019 CRF 450 L

  5. New Member Intro

    Welcome young fart.
  6. Please keep an eye out for my lost tool cover along Lost Valley! Cheers!
  7. Motoz Desert H/T rear tire

    I have the Motoz Etreme Hybrid on the back of my XR4. It really likes low pressure. Currently have the 120/100-18 and it’s a bit fat. Will probably go with the 110/100-18 next time.
  8. I tried uploading with my mobile phone and the audio got out of sync. If you have quicktime on your windows computer you might be able to view it. Not worth posting on youtube IMO.
  9. Thanks for narrowing it down guys! Looks like it's halfway between Anza and Warner Springs.
  10. Oh one more thing. I lost my metal tool carrier cover somewhere on this ride. If you find it, free six pack! (Yes, this is the second time I lost this bugger).
  11. BTW, I parked my truck at Sunshine Summit. It worked.
  12. After Palomar Divide & lunch in Anza... Jim, Mike, and me headed up and over Thomas Mountain, then back thru Anza and down Cooper Cienega / Lost Valley to 79. (The shooting range near Twin Lakes was packed with partiers so we peed somewhere else). Thanks all! Sorry, I cut the BMW in half. Unforgivable: Thomas Mtn: