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  1. Crap, they were on google photos, I just reposted via upload
  2. Solo ride to check the gates after the rain. Orosco gate was open with a lot of horse haulers nearby. Lusardi TT open: Lower Santa Ysabel open: Black Mtn gate open: Mid Santa Ysabel (left): The mid and upper gates on Santa Ysabel appear to be shut because there are a couple rocks blocking FOUR WHEEL access. However, instead of clearing the two to three rocks out of the road itself, it was determined time and effort was better spent digging dirt out of the bottom of the foot gate at the upper location (near Black Canyon Rd). Great use of taxpayer money... improve the gate blockage instead of clearing boulders off the road! This area apparently was dug up after the recent rain storm: It's all good. Ride on!
  3. That camper is massive... it can carry a jeep
  4. OK, no way it has 4 miles on it with those boot marks. Nice spot Trophy.
  5. Nice! I wish I could.
  6. This is a 1952 dodge woody bus with a modern chevy 350 in it
  7. Not for sale. The Dunkel Bros invited the members of SoCal American Truck Historical Society up for lunch. Some of the member also brought their own vehicles and parked them in the lot.
  8. That's just what the owner said. Looks like four miles on it. Only those three motorcycles were there. Check out the off-road camper below.
  9. I came up to a Dunkel Bros truck show/lunch up in La Miranda and found this 1975? Yamaha TY Trial 250. Serial number 0000001, never started never ridden.
  10. Awesome photo. (He let us pass thanks to smooth talking Roasty)
  11. Thanks for a great ride Roasty! Nice day and nice company!
  12. Good turnout. 17 1/2 riders! (will repost in photos later)